How to shoot vivo S9

How to shoot vivo S9

I believe that we can see the progress of vivo in the field of mobile image in the past two years. The “super bowl” X60 pro+ released early this year is also the ultimate image flagship I think is almost perfect. However, some careful netizens may have found that when I was referring to the camera, I only talked about the performance of the rear camera, which did not involve the front. This is because, in my opinion, for people who really like self-filming and vlog shooting, vivo has a product line that can meet all the needs of everyone – the vivo s series.

How to shoot vivo S9

Recently, the latest product of vivo s series, vivo S9, was officially released. @Mywishlist also made a first-hand experience with micropower. According to the feedback of the monkeys in the photographer @ beacon fire drama, vivo S9 has made a lot of progress in the shooting of human images, especially in self-image shooting, and the volume and weight of the whole machine have been further reduced. It is a mobile phone with “gorgeous and fantastic colors from inside and outside”. It is not uncommon to know that a mobile phone that can be given such a high evaluation by a photographer is rare. So this weekend I took our team out and made a group of films.



I believe that you are most concerned about this video self-made flagship, or the new upgrade of the front-end 44million pixel AF night soft light dual photography. The main camera adopts a new pixel isolation technology, and the input light volume is increased by 12%, which can not only significantly improve the brightness, but also significantly improve the color reduction ability.





It is worth mentioning that in order to solve the problem of night scene self shooting, vivo S9 creatively adopts the new form of extreme night micro slit light mending lamp. Specifically, without occupying more configuration space, vivo S9 adds two LED soft lights to the gap at the top of the screen. In addition, with the greatly upgraded AI extreme night algorithm, even in the environment of extremely weak light, vivo S9 can provide uniform and stereoscopic light for the user’s face. In particular self shooting mode, night micro slit light supplement lamp can also cooperate with the soft light ring inherited from S6 to maximize the brightness in combination form. What is the specific effect, let’s look at the sample:





Although many mobile phones will also optimize the self-image of weak light, they are basically only the same algorithm for the whole photo, so it is easy to have the problem of face bright background or background bright face dark. The night image self-image algorithm adopted by vivo S9 adds the background intelligent recognition function, which can continue to optimize the face after the basic noise reduction and match the best scheme for different backgrounds. Then, through the matching of beauty algorithm, vivo S9 can make the face and background restore as much as possible, and achieve “people look good-looking and beautiful scenery”.

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