How cool is a Bluetooth keyboard without charging

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As an experienced peripheral player, my attitude towards the wireless Bluetooth keyboard was not very cold at first. Although it is ultra-thin and portable, I can’t stand it if I need to recharge or change the battery from time to time. Especially when you are rushing to write a manuscript, the keyboard suddenly runs out of power. The pain of rummaging through the cabinets to find a charger and battery really only knows how uncomfortable it is.


By chance, I came into contact with the Logitech K750 solar wireless bluetooth keyboard, which really made me feel really good about the wireless keyboard. I believe I don’t need to introduce the Logitech brand. As a well-known keyboard and mouse manufacturer, I have a good reputation in this area. I am a heavy Logitech user, especially the MX Master series mouse has accompanied me in the office. many years.

At present, I have used this Logitech K750 keyboard for some time. I believe that whether you have used a solar keyboard or not, after listening to me, you will have a new understanding of this Logitech K750 wireless keyboard.


As a Bluetooth membrane keyboard, the first impression is that it is light and thin, with a thickness of only about 8.5mm and a weight of about 738g, which is almost lighter than the “big L (Leopold)” used in my home. It’s not a star and a half. Of course, the membrane keyboard itself is known for being thin and light, but I never expected it to be so thin and light after adding a solar module.


There are two very conspicuous modules on the top of the keyboard, the K750 solar power supply module, but due to the design of solar cells, the whole keyboard is slightly wider. The keyboard is designed with a glossy surface. If you accidentally touch the solar module, it is easier to get fingerprints.


is on the far right. In addition to the Bluetooth switch, there are two small emojis on the small keyboard area. There is also a button next to the emoji, and you can see a sun logo on it. In fact, these two expressions are specially used by the K750 to monitor the light indicator. When the current light source is sufficient, the button will flash green, and if the light is insufficient in the dark, it will flash red.


Solar Monitoring Indicator


Solar Monitoring Indicator

We are moving our eyes to the F area of ​​the keyboard. This is a row of functional areas that can be combined with the Fn key under the keyboard to achieve some key combination functions. Believe that I don’t need to introduce too much here, the more commonly used ones are to adjust the volume, quickly call out the calculator, etc.


The back of the keyboard has a gray design, and there are 6 foot pads at the bottom to improve friction. In addition, this K750 also supports two keyboard height adjustments. This feature is still a relatively rare design in current wireless keyboards. If you look closely, there is also an 8° logo on the keyboard bracket.


There is a small gap at the bottom. There is a battery compartment dedicated to the battery. It is not recommended to remove it for daily use, because it is really difficult to remove, and once the battery is removed, the keyboard will not work.



At the height of the keyboard, the K750 is a very comfortable one. If you often use a Bluetooth keyboard, you can actually put it flat on the table without using the bracket. But for example, I am accustomed to mechanical keyboards. I like to tilt the keyboard slightly. At this time, I can support the bracket and adjust the wrist to a just right height. This is compared with many traditional Bluetooth keyboards where the height cannot be adjusted. It’s simply too friendly.


Use experience:

Since it’s a keyboard, it’s inseparable from the feel of the keyboard. First of all, let’s look at the keycaps. The keycaps of K750 are of regular size and have a certain thickness. When pressed, they are softer, but they have a clear feedback. If you use a mechanical keyboard to describe it, it feels a bit close to the tea axis.


In terms of Bluetooth connection, I also checked the relevant information. This K750 is equipped with a receiver of Unifying technology. This technology uses 2.4GHz wireless as the connection method. A receiver can carry up to 6 devices. I tried it, and it is possible to connect the MX Master mouse while using the keyboard.


In terms of delay, I also tested it. K750 can hardly feel any delay when typing and typing. It is completely possible to press the button to give feedback. Of course, text input does not require high delays. I also tried my favorite “World of Warcraft”, and it was not affected at all. Usually, it is more than enough to play a copy.

Logitech K750 Bluetooth latency test


However, it should be noted that K750 is a pure Bluetooth keyboard after all, and there is more or less delay. If you are a shooting game player, such as eating chicken often or playing CS:GO, this kind of operability is relatively strong. The game suggestion is still a wired keyboard. But if, like me, I play casual games outside of office, K750 is completely capable.


In terms of battery power supply, the so-called solar power supply does not mean that it must be exposed to the sun to charge the keyboard. In fact, as long as it is the light source in our daily life, the keyboard can be charged. There is no problem with indoor lighting. If none of this is possible, you can even charge the keyboard with your phone’s flashlight.

Of course, in theory, the power of this keyboard is not unlimited. It can last for 3 months when it is out of light. However, in most cases, as long as it is not sealed, it is believed that no one will have no lights in their homes or offices for 3 consecutive months.

to sum up:

As a Bluetooth keyboard for positioning office, Logitech K750 feels very good to me. It not only ensures the portable and ultra-thin characteristics of the Bluetooth keyboard, but also saves me the anxiety of battery life. There are too many brands of Bluetooth keyboards, but there are really too few brands like Logitech that have always insisted on deepening the pain points of users. Is the solar module complicated? It’s not complicated, but Logitech can think of what users need and what their anxiety is. This is the responsibility of major manufacturers.

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If you let me summarize the Logitech K750 Solar Bluetooth Keyboard, I think this is an excellent keyboard that is very suitable for business people, especially many text workers, this Logitech K750 must be very suitable for you.