How about your ThinkPad notebook?

1 hour full 80% power,

According to the official information, ThinkPad X1 laptop is featured by: 10th generation core, light and portable, fast charging, super long standby, light and portable, strong accompanying. ThinkPad X1 laptop also has the following features: optional kernel, 10th generation core, compact body, easy to carry, fast charging, fearless low power, security guard, fingerprint unlocking.

How about your ThinkPad notebook?
It is small, light and easy to follow. It is an all Internet elite flagship with excellent working performance and super portability. It is rated as best laptop of CES 2020 at CES International Consumer Electronics Exhibition. It supports Dolby vision, 14 inch micro frame large screen, has 90% dci-p3 color gamut, 1.07 billion colors, and the picture transition is delicate.
It’s gorgeous, with a brightness of up to 500 nits, and it’s still visible in the strong light outside. Support Dolby vision technology, so that the picture presents amazing brightness, unparalleled contrast and fascinating colors in the transmission process. Portable, without compromising performance, it is equipped with the 10th generation Intel Core i7-10710u processor 6, and the maximum core frequency is 4.70ghz.
You will not release 16% faster than the previous generation. Fast charging, no fear of low power, support fast charging technology, 1 hour full 80% power, let you always full of energy. The USB interface marked with battery logo can charge the mobile phone even when the computer is off, becoming your emergency power bank.
Lightweight and durable, the selection of aviation grade carbon fiber high-density material gives you a light hand. The slim fuselage can hold 51whr large capacity battery, with a endurance of about 19.5 hours. Support fast charging technology, one hour full 80% power, let you always full of energy.

1 hour full 80% power,
New communication hotkey, touch and melt, intelligent and more convenient. Multiple guardians, easy login, thinkshutter physical camera switch, protect your privacy life. Press fingerprint reader, one touch login, refuse complicated. Equipped with infrared camera, support face recognition technology, no need to operate second speed unlock. Silent cooling mystery of Eagle wing fan.
ThinkPad engineers discover the secret of silence in the flight of owls. They imitate the relationship between wings and air flow, design “Hawk wing” fans, break through the technical barriers of efficiency and noise reduction in the process of heat dissipation, and give you a quiet and stable working environment. It is extremely strong and fearless of challenges. It has passed the strict control test of 12 military standards based on mil-std-810g standard and is still stable in a variety of harsh environments.
Pre installed genuine office software, windows 10 home edition system, optional pre installed Office Home Edition and student edition, so that the creation of efficiency begins at the moment of opening the notebook. With windowe365, it can be used by more than 10 people at any time.
The ThinkPad keyboard is equipped with the cursor control technology composed of trackpoint little red cap and three keys, which is one of the ingenious solutions to replace the mouse. Hands do not have to leave the keyboard area can easily achieve accurate positioning, content selection, up and down browsing and other control functions, greatly improving work efficiency.
The built-in X-shaped support of ThinkPad keyboard is more stable and durable. The drum structure and 1.8mm key stroke bring more comfortable rebound feeling to the fingers and enhance the sense of percussion rhythm. The smile arc design of the key cap makes it easier to fit with the finger pulp, which makes it more comfortable and not easy to be tired when tapping. The splash proof keyboard design protects the computer from liquid penetration and damaging the internal components. The backlight design of the keyboard allows you to input accurately in the dark environment.
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