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Product Details

[Repost Weibo]:
Choose 1 from the applicants who follow @ Sina众测 and repost Weibo to send a Shulex humidifier;

[Points Easter Egg]: After the
a trial application is over, users who are lucky enough to win a lottery with a value of 2 will receive 5000 points.

[Trial Instructions]:
*This trial supports point bidding, and users who successfully bid will get the product directly without PK;
*The first 5 users who have reached 100 will be directly eligible for the trial.
*If the user who successfully wins the contract abandons the trial due to personal reasons, it will affect the success rate of the subsequent 3 trials;
*After receiving the product, please post the order on Weibo + WeChat Moments and give feedback in the experience group;
*After the trial report is passed, you must The content of the report is published to Weibo headline article + WeChat Moments and @ Sina众测.
*Please experience with your heart. If the content of the trial report is too good, the subsequent qualification will be canceled.

Event Details

1. Activity rules

*The trial application is always not successful? Come and see how to improve the trial winning rate!

1. The user clicks the “Free Application” button on the public test recruitment page, and then clicks the “Increase the winning rate” button to submit personal information and application reasons as required;

2. Participate in inviting friends to apply for a trial, win massive points, invite 3 points/1 person, and get a maximum of 3000 points (invitation steps: log in to the Sina Public Test App, select the trial application for this period, click “increase winning rate”, and then select “Invite friends to apply for trial”, just share the exclusive invitation link to Weibo or Moments);

3. If the user who successfully wins the contract abandons the trial due to personal reasons, it will affect the success rate of the subsequent 3 trials; during this period, if the user obtains the trial qualification by inviting friends to apply for a trial or points bidding, it will not be affected;

4. In the same time period, users cannot try multiple products at the same time;

5. We will screen out 25 users to obtain free trial qualifications based on the user’s winning value, must-success progress, trial plan, platform behavior, and submission type, and publicize it through the public test page;

6. If the application is successful, the user must pay the deposit on time (similar to the price of the trial product). If the report is submitted and approved in time after the event, the deposit will be refunded in full;

7. The staff will contact the successfully applied users through the official Weibo private message, check the delivery address, etc., and after receiving the deposit, arrange the express product (not replying within 24 hours of the private message contact is regarded as a waiver);

8. After receiving the product, the user needs to submit an experience report to the public test platform within the specified time according to the evaluation standard (all trial reports must be original and first published in Sina public test, subject to the time the platform publishes the report, and the goods are received at the same time You need to post the official Weibo list and mention Sina Public Test in the article, otherwise you will be disqualified for the award);

9. If the evaluation report contains video content, it is a bonus item;

10. We will select 15 excellent reports from the 25 public test reports, and these 15 users will get free trial products (we may increase or decrease the number of excellent reports according to the actual report status);

11. The essence of the report will be refunded within 2 working days of the publicity, other users need to send the product back, and the refund will be made after strict inspection, which is usually completed within 7 working days after receipt.

12. In order to communicate more conveniently and directly, you are welcome to add xinlangzhongce, the editor of Sina Zhongce, to join the exchange group; at the same time, please follow the official operating public account of Sina Zhongce, sinazc, to know the welfare activities as soon as possible;

13. This activity is limited to users in mainland China, and shipments to overseas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions are not currently supported.

2. Detailed process

1. The registration start time is 10:20 on November 18, 2020;

2. The deadline for registration is 17:00, November 29, 2020;

3. The publicity time for successful users is 16:00, November 30, 2020;

4. The delivery time will be from December 1, 2020 (the specific delivery time is subject to actual conditions);

5. The latest submission of the user experience report for a successful application is at 16:00 on December 10, 2020;

6. The report and selection results will be announced at 16:00 on December 11, 2020.

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