Honor V40 review

Honor V40 review

Last year and today, perhaps no one thought that Honor, the brand that once made Huawei a top mobile phone manufacturer in the world, was stripped and sold by Huawei. The Honor V40 series, which was supposed to be released at the end of 2020, was also dragged to January 2021.

Honor V40 review

Strictly speaking, the V40 cannot be regarded as Honor’s first product out of the Huawei system, because a mobile phone takes at least 8 months from the initial design plan to mass production, so according to the time cycle To calculate, the V40 project cycle will definitely be in the first half of 2020, and you can also see all kinds of familiar “shadows” on this phone.

The Honor V40 is a redesigned mobile phone. It has many different design elements compared to the V30 series. For example, on this generation of mobile phones, the Honor design on the back of the fuselage has chosen the form of alternating AG matte and glossy surfaces. Similar to the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition, the Hengxiang space of the entire lens module is separated, giving a visually fragmented but innovative feeling.

The review machine I got is Titanium Silver, which has the same color name as the Honor 30 Pro+, but is different from the latter’s blue-violet gradient. In the V40 color scheme, a yellow gradient was introduced to replace the previous purple. . Another more obvious change is that the design of the large LOGO on the 30 Pro has returned to the regular size on the V40. It seems that Honor hopes that the V series will pay more attention to the mass user market instead of the digital series that focuses on young users.

In addition to the changes in the appearance of the details, the Honor V40 still continues the usual design style of Honor (or Huawei) on mobile phones. The fuselage continues to use the hyperboloid screen of the previous V30, with double holes in the upper left corner of the front, and the earpiece with a 45-degree opening on the top and the infrared transmitter on the top are retained.

This time, the screen of Honor V40 has improved quite a bit. Honor abandoned the 1080P-level screen that it had been using before, and instead used a 6.72-inch curved OLED screen on the V40, using a 10-bit + 1 billion color original color display, with a resolution of 2676×1236 pixels, and a 120Hz refresh rate. The ultimate peak brightness of the entire screen can reach 800nit.

The provider of the screen is unknown, but the pixel arrangement of the screen observed under the microscope is still the “Dongyu Zhou” arrangement, so it is likely that it is the screen provided by BOE. As far as the overall look and feel of the screen is concerned, the quality of this screen is very similar to the one on Mate40 Pro. The overall display effect and sliding experience are good. Under Honor’s existing product system, this screen is already the best Up.

this screen is already the best Up.
When you get the V40, you will have that clear feeling. This is a new phone with a lot of different design details. But this is not a product that jumps out of Huawei’s design system. In the past few years, we have seen many mobile phone products with similar designs.

Stripped from Huawei, Honor will operate independently in the future, so that the V40 phone looks stripped of all elements with the word “Huawei”. This is thanks to their previous “relatively independent” use of EMUI for skin changes. Glory has been using Magic OS on its own mobile phones very early, and the entire account system is also deliberately separated, which makes it possible to maintain relative relationships in many external links.

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