Honor brand new upgrade debut

EROFS super file system, etc.

After independence, Honor officially appeared to the outside world, positioned to become a global iconic technology brand, with the vision of creating a new world of wisdom for everyone, maintaining the “1+8+N” product strategy, and promoting the intelligent technology of the Internet of Everything You move forward with the world, adhere to the strategy of consistent innovation, consistent quality, and consistent service, leading the new era of competition.

Honor brand new upgrade debut
R&D personnel account for 50%+, and strive to become a global iconic technology brand

The brand concept of Glory is newly upgraded: “Innovation”, “Advanced”, “Free” and “Trustworthy” are the key words, adhere to the bottom innovation, explore new angles, and pay attention to humanity and society with an international universal aesthetic. Glory will make every effort to build a full range of smart phones including high-end products, and smart ecological products, to bring products and services with stunning designs, excellent performance, and extraordinary experience to consumers around the world, and is committed to becoming a global iconic technology brand.

The glory remains the same: innovation is the same, quality is the same, service is the same, and always attaches great importance to R&D and forward-looking technology investment. Moreover, the new glory inherits Huawei’s genes, but it is more flexible and efficient than before, which will undoubtedly make the glory more competitive.

Innovation is the same. Nearly half of Glory employees are R&D personnel. It has five R&D bases and more than 100 innovation laboratories. The R&D team is fully equipped with the R&D capabilities of a full range of mobile phones and smart ecological products. They have created innovative Magic series and V series. The HONOR series that won the European Audiovisual Association (EISA) award, the well-loved X series, and excellent products such as MagicBook notebooks, Honor watches, bracelets, tablets, smart screens, etc.; Honor also does it in terms of future technical reserves and capabilities We are well prepared to provide products with higher price range coverage and iterative updates of new technologies to provide innovative ammunition, such as one-touch transmission technology, super fast charging technology, GPUTurbo, RYYB, Link Turbo, EROFS super file system, etc.

EROFS super file system, etc.
With consistent quality, Honor has world-class quality control capabilities, 400+ stringent testing standards, and 20+ global certification standards to escort high-quality products. Honor quality can withstand thousands of trials.

The service is the same. With its global, full-chain, stable and reliable upstream and downstream system, Honor guarantees full coverage from production to sales and global service competitiveness. It has 3000+ service centers and 43 calls in 82 countries and regions around the world. The center continues to provide fast and efficient service plans, and provides safety upgrades and after-sales services for sold and on-sale Honor products.

Undoubtedly, with the glory of innovation, quality, and consistent service, as well as the innovation blessing of more than half of R&D personnel, New Glory will set a benchmark in innovation, quality, and service, and lead a new era of competition.

Glory and Upward: Create a new world of wisdom for everyone

In the past three years, Glory has gained more and more consumers’ favor with its strong R&D capabilities and product reputation. Glory has always maintained the number one mobile phone brand in the Chinese market. Glory does not start from scratch, but keeps on. Go further.

Glory CE0 Zhao Ming said: “The market did not say it, it was created”, which undoubtedly shows Glory’s belief in the next victory in the market.

It is reported that after independence, Honor will break through the past brand positioning and become a fully commercialized independent individual. The new Honor will no longer have strategic burdens, and there will no longer be any restrictions on product layout. It will be oriented to all scenes, all channels and all people. Create brands and products to meet the needs of more people for future smart full-scenario identities, and create a new world of wisdom for everyone with the intelligent technology of the Internet of Everything.

New products will be launched in 2021, and Honor will make explosive progress in the follow-up

This time, Honor released a variety of products, including Honor V40, new MagicBook 14/15 series products and Honor watch GS Pro Mysterious Starry new color.

The Honor V40 mobile phone uses a retina-level super-sensing screen that supports 1 billion colors, 120Hz refresh rate, and 300Hz touch sampling, with a pioneer ID design that reconstructs the order, a newly upgraded black technology GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine, 66W wired+ 55W dual super fast charging, X+Z axis dual linear motor, dedicated to bringing consumers an unprecedented experience. In terms of price: Honor V40 is available in 8GB+128GB and 8GB+256GB configurations. The colors are Magic Night Black, Titanium Silver, and Rose Gold. They are priced at 3599 yuan and 3999 yuan, respectively, and will be held at 12:00 on January 22. Started the first sale in all channels.

Glory also brought a brand new MagicBook 14/15 series products, with screen, performance and productivity as the core selling points, fully covering the main groups of personal consumer users; Glory Watch GS Pro and Discovery Discovery Channel launched a new color scheme for the mysterious starry sky. Redefine fashion on the wrist.

The brand debut and product release are only a small step forward for the Honor market. It is reported that 2021 will be the year of the explosion of Honor. Follow-up Honor will further launch more explosive models to make a full assault in the high-end market and mass market.

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