Hisense is expected to defend its title in Japan’s color TV industry in 2020

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After hisense TV (Hisense + Toshiba) successfully topped the Japanese color TV market for the first time in 2019, hisense TV is still strong despite the huge impact of the epidemic in 2020.

Although the year 2020 has not yet ended and the annual data of Japan’s color TV industry will not be finalized until mid-to-late January 2021 at the soonth, all indications show that Hisense is likely to successfully defend its title in The Japanese market in 2020.

First of all, The Japanese media, authoritative experts highly approve hisense TV.

Hisense TV 65S6E won the annual Award and gold medal, Hisense ULED TV 65U8F the silver Award, and Toshiba TV 43M540X the bronze Award.

The second is Sakidori, a professional Japanese household appliance media, which actively recommends Hisense brand for consumers who want to buy TELEVISIONS. From technology, experience, design, function to picture quality, it can help consumers better understand and understand Hisense brand and help them buy the hisense products they like.

The third is the Japanese VGP (Visual Grand Prix). It is mainly engaged in consumer electronics audiovisual products and other related services. Experts speak highly of Hisense products. In Japan, the authoritative evaluation of VGP has considerable influence. Therefore, the evaluation of VGP can basically represent the highest level of the industry.

VGP of Japan three judges Hongchi Kenzo, Fold the original yi also, Yamamoto Ton respectively to Hisense department products published the views.

Seihara also believes that Hisense TV is the most cost-effective, especially the U7E series and E6800 series have reached the other manufacturers can not reach the field;

Hongchi Xiansan believes that hisense’s three-year warranty proves hisense’s confidence in quality;

Yamamoto said hisense’s powerful 4K technology allows users to enjoy more screen display content. 4K will be the mainstream in the future and there will be more high-quality content, while Hisense TV can easily watch 4K TV programs.

User reviews from Amazon Japan
User reviews from Amazon Japan
Second, Japanese consumers have admired Hisense from its early days.

If The Hisense department of Toshiba in Japan has the performance of the foundation, then Hisense in The Japanese home appliance industry is a full “new recruit”. Hisense TV has a short history in Japan, but it is growing fast. Under the full market economy conditions in Japan, Hisense’s user-driven characteristics are very obvious, which are typical of “producing what can be sold” rather than “selling what is produced”.

Of course, another fundamental feature of user drive is technology enablement. Without the technology base, the user drive would be a castle in the air, and Hisense’s leading technology is the Chinese brand that makes the Japanese industry collective admiration.

Before, many users are holding a try and try attitude to buy Hisense, but after the purchase by Hisense products “circle fans”, no matter the quality or sound quality picture quality has brought a deep impression to consumers. Users who buy Hisense products praise Hisense TV in terms of experience,

Third, sales prove hisense department in Japan’s annual trend, is expected to defend the champion.

Authoritative data show that hisense’s share of total sales volume in The Japanese TV market reached 26.7% from January to November in 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 4.8 percentage points.

In Japan’s BCN+R data list, 14 Toshiba models made the top 50 in December TV sales figures. Hisense had 15 of the top 50 products in the weekly sales list last week, with more than half of the products in the top half of the sales list.

According to the Amazon TV sales ranking in December, hisense has three TV models in the top 10 of the sales volume. It is expected that hisense will continue to improve its market share and price index in Japan by the end of this year, among which the competitiveness of high-end products will be further enhanced.

Japanese industry analysts believe that from the performance of the color TV industry in 2020, Hisense department is expected to retain the champion. Whether it is the sales data for the 11 months in 2020 or hisense’s products taking up one-third of the sales list in December, it can fully prove that Hisense is capable of defending its title.

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