High-performance immersive esports display — Samsung Hyeonyong Knight Neo G9 fully upgrades the gaming experience

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

The video and sound quality of games is constantly improving, so in order to enjoy games to the fullest, players must be equipped with high quality gaming equipment to achieve the best gaming experience.

Samsung recently unveiled the Neo G9, its latest hyeon Knight esports display. The monitor is designed for players who want a high resolution and smooth gaming experience. Launched in 2020, Neo G9, its predecessor, is the industry’s first gaming display with a curvature of 1000R, setting a new standard for gaming displays with its smooth and beautiful picture quality powered by quantum dot technology.

Equipped with bracket and extension cable for easy installation


Open the package and you can see that in addition to the 123.8cm, 32:9 wide screen, it contains a stand, base, and cables to provide stable support for the display and easy connection to various external devices.

The display is also easy to install. First, the support can be screwed into the center position behind the display while it is still in the packing case. Then, the two-part core lighting assembly can be connected at the joint and screwed in for quick installation. The stand is easy to assemble and disassemble, while the height and tilt Angle of the monitor can be adjusted to ensure optimal gaming position.

Today, users’ gaming devices include desktops, laptops, game consoles, and more. Taking into account the needs of all types of gamers, the Samsung Hyeonyong Knight Neo G9 is equipped with a series of different ports to connect to different devices. With two HDMI 2.1 ports and DisplayPort 1.4 and USB 3.0 ports on the back of the monitor, users can connect a variety of devices to the monitor and play games on the big screen. Another advantage of Samsung’s Hyeon Knight esports display Neo G9 is its “Input Source Autoswitch +” feature, which allows the display to automatically switch input sources when connected to another device.

Quantum Dot Matrix Technology +HDR 2000: Unlocking the secrets behind extreme clarity

The 1000R curvature of the Samsung Hyeonyong Knight esports display Neo G9 is close to the human eye curvature, allowing the display to fully cover the user’s peripheral vision. What’s more, the Neo G9’s dual QHD display and 5,120×1,440 resolution provide the player with exquisite, vivid graphics for as far as the eye can see, creating stunning motion graphics.

The secret of Samsung’s Hsuen Dragon Knight’s Neo G9 esports display is its quantum dot matrix technology. With the introduction of finer light sources, the number of local dimming zones on the screen has increased to 2,048. What’s more, the display’s contrast can be adjusted to a much finer degree, with 4,096 different contrast levels to make the layers of light and shade even more perfect.

HDR technology extends the brightest and darkest points of the brightness spectrum and has been recognized as the next generation standard of imaging technology. With its quantum-dot HDR 2000 technology, Samsung’s Hrayon Knight esports display Neo G9 can vividly reproduce scenes with high contrast of light and shade, such as explosions. The technology can achieve brightness of up to 2,000 nits, twice that of its predecessor.

The Samsung Hyeon Knight’S Neo G9 esports display has a static contrast ratio of 1,000,000 to 1, which means its high performance is more prominent when displaying images with distinct brightness differences, making the black darker and the white brighter, building spatial contrast, and greatly improving the presentation of details in the game.

“Halo synchronization” design, immersive experience to a new height

Another highlight of Samsung’s Hyeon Knight esports display Neo G9 is its aesthetic design, which allows users to create their own special gaming atmosphere. Like the previous G9, the Samsung Hyeonyong Knight Esports display Neo G9 is equipped with atmosphere lights on the back of the display to further create an engaging gaming environment.

The victory Ring atmosphere lighting design for the 2020 G9 has been improved in the Samsung Hyeon Rider’s Neo G9 esports display, with the addition of a new “halo sync” feature. Core Sync automatically analyzes the color in the center of the screen and emits the same color light from the back of the screen. Users can enable this feature by navigating to the “Infinity Core Lighting” menu in the monitor Settings and enabling “Lighting” and “Core Sync”. Whether you’re exploring the deep sea or the deep forest, the Neo G9 displays automatically change light effects to match the game scene, creating gorgeous effects and extending the immersion of the game world into real space.

The halo syncing design of Samsung’s Hwang Knight’s Neo G9 esports display also has a number of dynamic features, including the “Lighting Effect,” which sets the Lighting to a single color, and the “Rainbow,” which changes the color of the lights on time, which players can set to their liking. Enhance the game experience with light and shadow.

Low latency + high refresh rate, achieve a smooth game experience

While quick response is critical in game play, it proves useless when the input command is not immediately reflected in the game. The Samsung Hyeonyong Knight Neo G9 esports display is packed with many powerful features to help users turn their quick reactions into victories.

The time required for a signal entered using the mouse or keyboard to be reflected on the screen is called the input delay. The Samsung Hyeonyong Knight Esports display Neo G9 reduces the time it takes to process commands, resulting in a fluid gaming experience. The addition of “AMD FreeSync Premium Pro” and “NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible” features also allows the GPU and panel to Sync across Samsung’s Hyeon Rider esports display Neo G9. By minimizing distractions and distortion, Neo G9 allows users to enjoy a smooth visual effect even when there are fast-moving graphics in the game.

The display capability of a monitor is important to the player’s experience, and one of the main measures of display capability is the refresh rate, which represents the number of images displayed per second. With a high refresh rate of 240Hz, Samsung’s Hhyunyong Knight Neo G9 seamlessly displays action games with highly detailed images, eliminating the interference of lingering images during the game and greatly enhancing the game experience.

There’s another expert metric for measuring esports displays — the time it takes for the video signal from the graphics card to reach the display, known as response time. Samsung’s Hyeon Knight esports display Neo G9 has a response time of 1ms, meaning it can display signals from the graphics card in as little as 0.001 seconds. This allows gamers to enjoy a clear visual effect without getting stuck and stuttering. The 1 millisecond response time advantage of the monitor is especially significant in FPS or racing games with fast camera movement.

The Neo G9 is a high-performance immersive esports display that helps you quickly get into the game environment, no matter where you are. This visually stunning gaming display is a must for anyone trying to get to the top of a variety of gaming worlds.