Here’s why the App Store is the safest platform for apps

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

As the battle between Apple and Epic reveals the workings of the two companies, one surprising fact emerged: Apple employs 500 employees to manually review every application submitted to the App Store.

In a lengthy 325-page legal position released to the public after Epic’s legal battle with Apple ended, Apple noted that more than 27 million registered iOS developers have signed App Store developer agreements worldwide, and iOS developers represent just over 0.3% of the world’s population.

The document also revealed other information, such as apple’s use of a thorough vetting system when reviewing apps on its app Store. The vetting system involves about 500 employees around the world who manually review applications. Of course, these applications are first sent through a machine that uses algorithms to do a preliminary review of the application before it is sent to a reviewer.

This review approach has allowed Apple to create one of the most secure application platforms for users, as the review process can result in the rejection of apps that have software glitches and vulnerabilities that could cause harm to a user’s software or compromise the privacy and security of user data. Last year alone, Apple rejected more than 150,000 app submissions for violating its review process.