Here comes the holographic keyboard: non-contact floating design

non-contact floating design

Presumably, many netizens who have watched science fiction films are attracted by the holographic images in the film, and dream about when this high-tech can be used. And now, a holographic keyboard based on this technology is here.

non-contact floating design

According to foreign media reports, affected by the new crown epidemic, in order to reduce the contact of the human body with the outside world in public places, a Japanese start-up company has developed a non-contact floating holographic keyboard.

Previous studies have shown that the new coronavirus can survive up to 3 hours in aerosols (median 2.7 hours), up to 4 hours on copper surfaces, and up to 24 hours on paper materials (median 8.45 hours) , And it can last up to 2-3 days on acrylic plastic and stainless steel surface (median value is about 16/13 hours respectively).

Therefore, in ATM machines, elevators and other people will be crowded in public places, reducing finger contact with keyboards in these areas can effectively prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

To this end, the company uses “floating imaging” technology to produce a “non-contact floating holographic keyboard.” As the name suggests, the keyboard integrates optical components to project high-definition images in the air above the keyboard.

In addition, its controllability as a keyboard is more important. Based on the unique algorithm of the keyboard space sensing technology, it can realize the free operation of the finger in the floating image, and the response is also very sensitive.

At present, the company has produced several samples for use in different fields to evaluate the quality of the products. The company also stated that it will make further improvements based on actual conditions and achieve mass production in 2022.