Here comes the harmonic OS upgrade list

Huawei P30 series is promoted by Harmony

On the last day of June, harmonyos officially announced a new batch of upgrade lists of harmonyos through Weibo, and a total of 24 models were tested.

Complete models include:

Huawei Mate Series: Huawei mate XS / mate x, Huawei mate 20 / mate 20 Pro / mate 20 RS Porsche Design / mate 20x / mate 20x 5g / matepad 10.4 inch / matepad 5g 10.4 inch

Huawei P Series: P30 / P30 Pro

Huawei Nova series: Huawei Nova 8 Se / Nova 7 se 5g / Nova 7 se 5g letterpress / Nova 7 se 5g dynamic Edition / Nova 6 Se / Nova 5 Pro

Huawei Changxiang series: Changxiang Z 5g, Changxiang 20 Pro 5g, Changxiang 20 plus 5g

Huawei maimang series: maimang 9 5g

Huawei flat series: M6 high energy version, M6 8.4 inch, M6 10.8 inch

Users who meet the needs of the model can register through “my Huawei” app home page – upgrade taste – public test taste or “pollen club” app home page – recommendation – public test taste.

At the Hongmeng operating system and Huawei’s all scene new product launch on June 2, the official announced the upgrade plan of harmonyos 2, with hundreds of devices.

Huawei said that this is the largest upgrade in Huawei’s history. Since June 2, more than 100 mobile phones, tablets and smart screen devices will be upgraded to harmonyos 2, bringing a new experience to more than 200 million users. You are welcome to upgrade.

It is understood that Huawei has open source Hongmeng OS and donated all the basic capabilities of the intelligent terminal operating system to the open atom open source foundation twice in 2020 and 2021. The open atom open source foundation will integrate the contributions of other participants to form the openharmony open source project. Huawei will continue to participate in the open harmony open source project, Other organizations and individuals around the world can also participate.