GSMA: A meeting will be held this Friday to discuss whether to close MWC2020

GSMA: A meeting will be held this Friday to discuss whether to close MWC2020-spark global limited

 Sina Technology News, in the early morning of February 12, Beijing time, due to the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, at present, AmazonEricsson, NVidia, LG, SonyOther manufacturers have successively announced their withdrawal from this year’s MWC2020 exhibition, and companies such as ZTE, Samsung, and TCL have also reduced the scale of their activities. According to the latest news, MWC2020 is likely to be canceled.

  Foreign media reported that many leading companies in the communications industry are currently reassessing the need to participate in MWC. According to the Spanish daily La Vanguardia, the event organizer of the MWC conference GSMA will hold a meeting on Friday, February 14 to determine whether the 2020 MWC conference will continue.

  Prior to this, the event organizer GSMA has successively announced a number of security measures. For example, those who enter the country from Hubei Province are prohibited from participating in the exhibition. Those who have visited China need to prove that they have left China 14 days before the opening of the exhibition, and perform temperature testing on all personnel. However, whether MWC2020 will be held as scheduled will not be decided until the February 14 meeting.