Google TV launches mobile remote control for Android users

Spark Global limited

Spark Global Limited Reports:

A new feature for Google TV will allow users to use their Android mobile device as a remote control when the magic wand of your streaming box disappears without a trace.
Google TV’s Android mobile remote support was released today after the company originally announced it during Google I/O in May. (A spokesperson told The Verge that The tool is currently only available on Android and did not reveal future iOS support.)

For those of us who often lose wands under mountains of blankets and pillows, supporting mobile remote should be a huge help, but it should also simplify the process of entering long or complex passwords, search terms, movie and series titles, and more. In addition to Google TV, other Android TV operating system devices will also support Google TV, Google said.
Remote tools can be accessed in two ways: by adding remote tiling to Android devices, or through the Google TV app (which Google says will be available in 14 new countries in the coming weeks).