Google is testing browser dark mode to present search results

Google is testing browser dark mode to present search results

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Google search users may soon see its new look, the search giant finally tested to add a dark mode to its search results, this mode may match the Mac or iPhone interface. Since the introduction of dark mode in macOS Mojave and iOS 13, dark mode has been a selling point for iPhone and Mac, and developers quickly added support for dark user interfaces to their applications. Although there are still some applications that have not yet enabled this support, it seems that Google’s search results in the browser may come in the future.


Google’s search results page is white by default, but it can be changed through various browser extensions to achieve dark mode compatibility. According to 9to5Google, the company is currently conducting A/B tests on the dark interface of desktop-based browser search. In the test, the search results seen by randomly selected users were dark gray backgrounds and light text. Some elements of the page will also be changed to match the background, such as the white Google logo and the light blue icon representing search filtering.

A user who posted on Reddit found that in the Chrome 87 browser on Windows, this change can also work when all color-changing browser extensions are disabled. In a short test, only the result page was dark, while the home page was traditionally white.

This is not the first time Google has conducted dark mode tests. In May, the Android version of the Chrome browser added a “show dark search page” logo, making search results look similar to the results that appear in the Google search application when dark mode is enabled.