Google announces Android ready se

Google announces Android ready se

Google announced today that it has officially established the Android ready se Alliance Technology Alliance for the development and promotion of Se security chip standards, which will enable Android system to support devices with built-in security chips. Google will cooperate with some hardware manufacturers to launch an open source se security interface and program, so that smart devices such as mobile phones can be used for digital keys, car keys, e-passport, digital currency, etc.


Google also announced today that it will launch a general version of strongbox for the application of Se security chip in the device. This program supports the hardware of many manufacturers. At present, it can be obtained from several cooperative enterprises, such as Jiede company, kigen, NXP, STMicroelectronics and Thales. Strongbox supports not only smartphones and tablets, but also wearos, embedded devices and Android TV.


Strongbox can realize the following functions:


Digital key (car, home, office)


Driver’s license, ID card and e-passport


E-wallet, digital currency



It home learned that Google had previously launched a security chip called Titan m, which was carried in pixel 3 / XL mobile phones. This chip is very similar to Apple’s T2 security chip, which is used to enhance the security of the device.


Google’s goal is to build the chip into smart phones, smart wearable devices, tablets, cars and even TVs to provide more secure and convenient connectivity. In addition, Google also said that it is cooperating with the hardware encryption ecosystem to give priority to the following functions and integrate them into the Android system:


Digital driver’s license and ID card


Electronic car key


In addition, Google also disclosed that several Android OEM manufacturers have supported Android ready se features in their products, but did not disclose the name of the manufacturers. Google is looking forward to cooperating with more OEM manufacturers to bring new functions to consumers.