Go out light, simple and practical EDC sharing

Go out light, simple and practical EDC sharing

  Go out light, simple and practical EDC sharing
You start to feel the cold of winter in the snowy north, and I also struggle with the hot weather in the air-conditioned room that failed to enter the winter for N times in the south. After experiencing the pain of carrying a computer in a one-shoulder bag again, I finally chose not to carry a computer EDC. I chose the smallest satchel to make the EDC bag, and only carried the things I felt most necessary to take.

At the beginning, I felt a little uncomfortable. After a period of time, I felt that this EDC method was what I always wanted. It was light, simple and fast.

This PRO TREK satchel was a gift from a distant friend. I like all kinds of bags and I got it like a treasure. Small body bag adopts outdoor top fabric Xpac, the overall shape is simple and fashionable.

  Go out light, simple and practical EDC sharing

The width of aglet is just right, can be hanged according to oneself be fond of and receive, material is qualitative very comfortable, feel quite good.

The combination of Xpac material and CORDURA fabric gives this satchel a very strong shape. High-tech materials make this small bag light, fast and durable.

Although the bag is not big, the capacity is really not small, for me the portable EDC is definitely enough.

The backpack has four hidden buttons that make it a magnet for daily use, and a zipper inside for privacy.

This bag gives me the feeling that it is light and comfortable. In terms of material, it is the first time for me to use this material. It’s very technical, but it’s very textured. It’s a pity that this is a limited edition PRO TREK watch co-branded, so I don’t have a chance to buy another one as a gift.

Fenix E03R Small hand torch
Every man has his own little hobby, and I like to do outdoor things every day. Although the flash of the mobile phone can also be used as a flashlight for emergency use, I still habitualized to play with the EDC’s flashlight. The Fenix E03R is fairly small in size and about the length of your thumb.

Type-c charging interface, charging is very convenient, less than an hour and a half can be filled.

The body is all metal. It’s cold to the hand and feels pretty good. The design of red and white double light sources. White light is used for daily lighting, and red light can be used temporarily as the tail light for riding or as warning light for warning.

This tiny little E03R, I hung from my car key. Maximum brightness 260 lumens, daily use is absolutely enough.

iPhone SE2
As a fan of apple for ten years, this is the first legal channels iPhone I bought, which cannot be shipped to Hong Kong due to the epidemic.

All previous mobile phones were purchased directly from Apple Retail Store. I was a little excited when I received the Apple express delivery for the first time on this official website, and this is the first time I have seen such packaging. Feeling only one word: steady!

This is supposed to be the last official iPhone with a charging head and earphones, so keep it as a souvenir for those who don’t use it every day. Now the fast charge and C2L line is getting cheaper and cheaper, really sweet!

Not only the design (no innovation), Sim card thimble from the previous CNC cutting version to the left of the Low 13 version (really cannot describe).

Connect to the computer to find a previously unnoticed bright spot, the iPod software license agreement. It’s true that the iPhone was developed on the basis of the iPod, but it’s all the way back to the iPhone12. Could it be a tribute to the classic?

There was no other reason to choose the iPhone SE2. In June, my hand is out of control took the iPhone 6s to the iOS 14 beta, and then all kinds of batteries died. Getting a new phone suddenly became a necessity, and I was forced to get the iPhone SE2 when I was waiting for the iPhone 12Mini. Having said all this, there is only one reason: QIONG!

Switch from 6s to SE2, don’t even have to change the phone case, or use the UAG I bought two years ago, anti-fall effect. It took me nearly three years to get my hands on it, but it was worth it.

Whether it’s back or front, it’s safe to be wrapped. Six months after SE2 arrived, he fell to the ground several times and was safe.

Anti – fall mobile phone case, choose UAG, will never let you down!

Anker Mini Charger
In recent years, the charging treasure is really a lot, most of them were given away or accidentally lost. The left Anker Mini charger is my personal favorite, and its size is worthy of mini’s title. The capacity of 10000mAh is not easy to achieve the slimmer size than the bank card.

A+C dual-port output supports 18W two-way PD fast charging. As A portable EDC charging treasure, this companion is worthy of trust.

Kingston 256G 3.2GEN 1 U disk
The premise of a portable EDC is a Mac in the office and a Mac at home. For important data, make a backup copy in the cloud and make a manual backup.

The family had an old portable hard drive, but it was just too big. For the purpose of portability, I finally chose a usb flash disk with large capacity.

This 3.2GEN 1 USB flash disk from Kingston has an official reading speed of 200Mb/s. I have not actually tested it. This is more than enough for the office.

The metal shell is more suitable for personal use, hanging on the work card daily, easy to use.

Fila card package
The card was exchanged for points on fila’s official account, and the red, white and blue French flag matched the colors quite well. Although mobile phone payment has long been popular, I still carry my ID card and credit card with me in case of emergency.

There are two slots on the outside of the bag and about five cards can be placed inside the zipper. It is enough to carry id card and credit card daily.

This is the end of today’s portable EDC, and I have shared some good things that I carry with me when I travel lightly. I hope you like them!

Don’t say, I want to fail in the N winter at the end of November, top burning hot sun to get a car tuhu.