Glory Watch GS Pro x Discovery

Glory Watch GS Pro x Discovery

[CNMO evaluation] As early as last year, the Honor Watch GS Pro was linked with Discovery Channel, which attracted the attention of many friends. After all, what kind of sparks can be produced by technology + outdoor, everyone does not know. Nowadays, the new product of Honor Watch GS Pro x Discovery Mysterious Sky is officially unveiled at the Honor V40 series conference. The deeply customized design can not help but make people shine. When worn on the wrist, it is highly recognizable, compared to the standard version. In addition to toughness, there is also a little more refined design. It can be seen that this design is still very careful.

Glory Watch GS Pro x Discovery
The look is exploratory

In the overall design, this new product is basically the same as the standard version, but the stainless steel bezel is clearly distinguished, not only the color becomes more dazzling, but also the “Discovery x HONORGS Pro” logo is added, with the original scale , The recognition is very high. For the strap, it uses a black fluorine rubber strap, which is consistent with the standard version, and will not cause skin problems for long-term wear like ordinary rubber straps. The strap is actually very important for outdoor adventurers, not only to be durable, but also comfortable.

This new product is equipped with a 1.39-inch AMOLED high-definition precision touch color screen with a resolution of 454*454 and a PPI of 326. The display effect is clear. You don’t have to worry about resolution, whether it is urban or outdoor use. , Totally enough. And it also has a large number of dials that can be replaced, and you can always choose a style you like. This time, its default dial is Interstellar Exploration, with the words “Discovery” written, and it can display information such as date, week, steps, weather, etc., all you want to know in one screen.

In addition, it can also use the mobile phone to take photos and transfer the dial, set the photos of you and the other half as the dial. When traveling for a long time outdoors, you can see it by raising your wrist. There is no need to put it in a wallet or hide it in a hat. It seems more convenient. Of course, you need to use the Honor mobile phone to realize the function of One Touch. If it is of other brands, it is only envious.
Battery life can make you a tough one
For smartwatch products, intelligence is often not its pain point, but battery life. Many products on the market have a battery life that is not long, and some even need to be charged once a day. This has a relatively large impact on the user experience. of. As a smart outdoor sports watch designed for young people, if the battery life is not strong, it is equivalent to wearing a piece of electronic trash on the wrist. Long-term outdoor exploration requires sufficient battery life to provide protection.

The Honor Watch GS Pro x Discovery is equipped with a large 790mAh battery, and its battery life can exceed 25 days, which is almost the longest battery life in similar products. After I got the watch and wore it for 24 hours, the battery level has only dropped by about 3%. I also performed exercises and heart rate monitoring. In terms of battery life, it can actually be compared to some long battery life electric toothbrushes. Sometimes you forget to charge it when you use it, because its battery life is really long enough. So for those who like to misplace the charger, remember to keep the charger.
In addition to long battery life, this product has also passed 14 military standards such as low air pressure test, high temperature test, temperature shock test, sand and dust test, and immersion test. The devilish harshness allows it to operate in more harsh environments. To provide you with professional and reliable data, I can’t help but want to call Master Bei to try the product quality.
Exercise, health, one can’t be less
In terms of sports and health of smart wear, Honor has always been at the forefront of the industry. This new product has upgraded more than 100 sports modes. It can basically involve the types of sports we use every day. These more than 100 kinds of sports are divided into seven categories: fitness sports, leisure sports, ball sports, water sports, ice and snow sports, extreme sports and professional sports.

Battery life can make you a tough one
Among these sports, it also supports skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing. It is suitable for the scene of using single/double board equipment and sliding repeatedly on the slide. It can record the heart rate and the number of trips for the user; the single taxi time, the taxi distance, the maximum speed, the cumulative decline; the total trip: the taxi time, the taxi distance, the maximum Speed, cumulative descent, average speed, maximum slope, altitude, calories, etc. In the case of cross-country skiing, it can also automatically recognize a break, and automatically pause and resume skiing. During various skiing sports, blood oxygen saturation test can also be performed at any time. We will host the Winter Olympics next year. Now skiing is actually a hot sport. With it, you will ski better.
It is worth mentioning that when wearing it in the field, the watch can automatically record and select reliable GPS positioning points; support the track return function, and the hardware of the mobile phone + watch will help to establish the waypoint album; when the GPS signal is weak, the GPS will be unreliable Remind you when you get lost in time; in addition, users can zoom and move conveniently on the touch screen of the watch to view the entire movement track and return route. Of course, in the weather of the watch, we can also see the sunrise and sunset, the first moon and the moon set, and the moon phase information, which is very helpful for outdoor sports enthusiasts.
Heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen monitoring are actually the strengths of Honor Watch GS Prox Discovery, which can escort your health. It supports 24 hours continuous real-time mode or smart mode to monitor the heart rate, and there is a high heart rate reminder to remind users to pay attention to their own heart rate problems. At the same time, it also supports arrhythmia/premature beat/atrial fibrillation screening, further providing users with professional and comprehensive health data.
For me, it may be due to my age. Now I am paying more and more attention to my daily sleep status. Although my sleep time may not be early, I still need to check my sleep duration and score every day to give myself a psychological comfort. This product uses TruSleep 2.0 sleep monitoring technology. In addition to monitoring sleep duration, it can also identify deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement and wakefulness. After giving sleep data, it can also give you improvement suggestions so that you can effectively improve your sleep.
Blood oxygen saturation monitoring allows us to pay more attention to our physical condition. For example, when we often have symptoms such as fatigue, lethargy, dizziness, and rapid heartbeat, we must check our blood oxygen. For outdoor enthusiasts, in high-altitude hypoxic areas, they must pay attention to their blood oxygen at any time, so as to adjust their state in time, so as not to have problems that threaten their health.
Write at the end
In general, the Honor Watch GS Prox Discovery is no different from the previous standard version in terms of functionality, but the design has been deeply customized this time, and you can see the “Discovery” style at a glance, which is great for outdoor explorers. It makes more sense. And in terms of functionality, this watch is specially made for outdoor sports enthusiasts. It supports more than 100 sports modes, heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep monitoring, and a long battery life of over 25 days, which can be well guaranteed. The user experience, with it, is more at ease.

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