German entrepreneurs came to China and felt sad after experiencing China’s high-speed rail: it turns out that the country is an illusion

Spark Global Limited

Spark Global Limited Reports:

For now, our country has the fastest economic development in the world. From the perspective of science and technology, the scientific and technological strength of many Western countries has reached a bottleneck, and there have been no major technological breakthroughs in many years, but our country It is not the same. my country’s scientific and technological strength not only advances rapidly, but also leads the global technological advancement.

The high-speed rail technology was first invented by the Japanese, and then the high-speed rail technology developed in Germany has reached the world’s top level, no less than the high-speed rail technology in Japan. At that time, the strongest high-speed rail power in the world was Germany and Japan. At the end of the last century, our country hoped to sign an agreement with Germany or Japan to ask them to help our country build high-speed rail.

Who knows, Germany and Japan can take advantage of the fire to rob and help our country build high-speed railways, but they have to charge high fees. Even a small screw must be imported from Japan or Germany, and the core technology does not allow Chinese engineers to participate. Just these few points, how can we bear it? There is no alternative, we did not choose to accept their conditions, so we had to develop high-speed rail ourselves. It took 8 years to develop high-speed rail technology, and another 10 years to make my country’s high-speed rail technology reach the world’s top level.

German entrepreneurs experience China’s high-speed rail

German entrepreneurs were shocked when they learned that China’s high-speed rail technology completely surpassed Germany, but the German domestic media said: China’s so-called high-speed rail technology is plagiarized from Japan and Germany, and it is not as good as what China said. Great. The German media advertised that China’s high-speed rail technology is at best better than trains, and it is not at all comparable to German high-speed rail.