GaN chargers enter the fast charging market

GaN chargers enter the fast charging market

[Big Bit Guide] With the application of GaN materials and the improvement of its technology, GaN chargers have gradually entered the fast charging market and are favored by many consumers, and have become the new favorite of fast charging today.

Recently, according to relevant media reports, Unikorn began to produce 100W GaN-on-Si chips, and is expected to produce corresponding products for Apple this year. Of course, Apple’s GaN charger is most likely to be used in Mac series computers rather than mobile phones.

According to statistics, many mobile phone manufacturers and digital peripheral equipment manufacturers are currently working on GaN chargers. Baseus launched the first 2C1A GaN charger in 2019, which quickly detonated the fast charging market, and the popularity continues unabated. In addition, the world’s first 65W three-port GaN charger and the world’s first 120W GaN charger were launched by Baseus. In the first half of 2020, Xiaomi launched a 65W GaN Type-C fast charging head, while Lenovo, Anke and Aukey also launched 60-65W GaN products in the second half of the year.

GaN chargers enter the fast charging market

It is reported that Apple plans to launch a GaN-based USB-C power adapter. Due to the use of gallium nitride technology, the charger will become smaller and lighter.

As a third-generation semiconductor material, gallium nitride (GaN) has its advantages self-evident. When applied to the field of chargers, its most obvious features are fast charging, small size, and high power. It is worth mentioning that the GaN charger solves the pain points of traditional PD chargers, such as large heat generation and poor heat dissipation.

Since Apple and Samsung, the world’s two major mobile phone manufacturers, have successively cancelled the distribution of chargers and other accessories, many industry insiders predict that the fast charging of gallium nitride materials will become the standard configuration of future smartphones, and the fast charging market will usher in new opportunities. Judging from the current development situation, GaN technology is relatively mature, and the price has also fallen; GaN chargers are favored by many consumers with their unique advantages, and the realization of the fast charging market is becoming more and more obvious. Most of the GaN chargers on the market now have different types of interfaces, which have good compatibility and can meet consumers’ demand for efficient charging. It is undeniable that GaN chargers have become the new favorite in the current fast charging field.

At present, as the upstream manufacturers of GaN chargers, Silicon Power, Jiehuate, Yacheng Micro and other companies are producing and providing GaN charger application materials. Among them, Yacheng Micro has begun to deploy the R&D design of fast charging products in 2018. After more than two years, the products have gone from a single low-power application to now cover a full range of 18W-120W applications. Next, Yacheng Micro will continue to invest in research and development to deepen its market share. With the rise of GaN chargers, the fast charging industry will also be reshuffled, and upstream semiconductor material companies will benefit accordingly.