Four pictures hidden in the double circle shape

Four pictures hidden in the double circle shape

In recent years, Huawei mobile phones have been proud of the world in image system, and have the photo taking effect that other manufacturers can hardly reach. Every time the new flagship is on the stage, it will refresh the list of mobile phone photos.


In addition to the image system, Huawei mobile phones have always been unconventional in the appearance design of the rear camera in the past two years, leading the appearance design of the back of the mobile phone many times.


Recently, a digital blogger has exposed the appearance design drawing of Huawei P50, confirming the arrangement design of the camera module behind the machine. Huawei has equipped the new machine with a new generation design scheme again, adopting the design of double ring, in which two cameras are respectively equipped in each ring, with high overall identification.


It is worth mentioning that recently, some people familiar with the situation have exposed the configuration of Huawei P50 series cameras. It is said that Huawei will provide the exclusive customized Sony imx800 sensor for the whole system standard, with a 1 / 1.18 inch super bottom, second only to Samsung GN2, which is the second largest sensor in the industry.


As the saying goes, “the bottom is the first level of killing people”, and the super bottom of nearly 1 inch will also make the image level of Huawei P50 rise again. Combined with the unique ryyb filter array, it will bring more powerful night shooting ability and analytical power. The P50 series will also become the most powerful photo type in Huawei history.


In addition, the design drawing of the exposure confirmed the screen design of Huawei P50 series again.


Based on the current multi-faceted information, it can be basically determined that Huawei P50 series will completely abandon the previous “pill screen” scheme. As soon as the whole system adopts the design of the center hole screen, only one front shot opening is equipped, and the aperture is small, the overall screen proportion has been greatly improved, and the positive visual effect is more excellent.


It is reported that Huawei P50 series will be officially released in May this year. Please look forward to it.