For Apple Watch users who love collecting MEDALS, there’s a new Apple Watch

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

Did you watch the Olympics? Have to follow move, do not practice, this year’s summer will end.

When it comes to the Olympic Games every four years, we will dream back to 2008. More than 10 years have passed, and the classic moments of the Beijing Olympic Games are still vividly in our minds. In order to commemorate the success of the Beijing Olympic Games and meet the growing sports demand of the general public, The State Council approved that August 8 will be the national Fitness Day every year from 2009.

In October 1 of the same year, the implementation of the “National fitness Regulations” in article 12, should strengthen the national fitness publicity, actively organize and participate in the national fitness activities, carry out free fitness guidance services, open to the public free of charge public sports facilities.

And to celebrate National Fitness Day in 2021, as well as the Olympics delayed by the pandemic, Apple launched the Apple Watch Fitness Challenge to encourage Apple Watch users in China to maintain a more active lifestyle.

Successful completion of 30 minutes or more of physical training on August 8 will earn a medal and information sticker. In addition, users can be motivated to participate in the challenge by listening to Apple Music’s selection of sports playlists.

The Apple Watch APP has all the exercise you want

In fact, “Total Fitness” is not a very traditional or well-known holiday, for example, there is no hint of the holiday in the calendar apps of many mobile brands. When people exercise, choose what kind of way, also vary from person to person.

Relative autumn winter, the person that exercises in spring summer wants a few more, this is mainly because winter person is lazy, wear also much, wear a hat again, wrap a scarf, anyway fat also no one can see. Especially in the vast northern regions of China, winter is really too cold and outdoor sports are severely limited.

Summer is not the same, “march does not lose weight, April acts sad”, a lot of girls summer is to go out of the street, halter belt hot pants high heels, a body fat how line. Actually the boy also is same, swim swim, play water, do not say 8 pack abdominal muscle, bring “swim ring” much ugly.

When it comes to swimming, as someone who lives in an inland city, the most common water sport I have been exposed to is swimming, which is also a very effective physical training program with few side effects, as long as it’s not the Yogi (slow and even) breaststroke.


I wear an Apple Watch every time I swim. I’m not a professional athlete, and I can’t afford a personal trainer. To get fit, I open the fitness APP on my Watch before I swim and set calorie and distance (time) goals, or the length of the pool. In this way, you can accurately get the number of laps and distance data.

Of course, swimming is a very popular physical training program that most smartwatches support, though their functionality and accuracy vary. However, water sports such as surfing and paddle boarding are not supported by every product. For people who have these training needs on a regular basis, I highly recommend an Apple Watch.

First of all, it is waterproof to 50 meters, no matter swimming or surfing, no problem. Second, the choice of Apple Watch apps is unmatched by any other smartwatch. For example, surf and paddle boards are not supported by their own training programs, but third-party Dawn Patrol and GoSUP apps can be installed.

Our local developers have also combined their fitness expertise with the Apple Watch to create a series of apps that encourage users to complete challenges and stay fit and active, including YaoYao jump rope, Gudong, Fitnex and OneMore.


The added value of “special period”

When it comes to the water, or summer training, one of the most common topics is where to put your phone. Different from other seasons, no one will wear pants and hoodie when exercising outdoors or indoors in summer. Mobile phone portability is a problem.

So when it comes to the Apple Watch, if your budget allows and your local carrier supports eSIM, I strongly recommend the cellular version. It can solve most of the needs without the phone, such as not having to worry about missing calls or wechat messages; Or put on your AirPods and listen directly to online Music from Apple Music.

In addition, in terms of models, the Apple Watch on sale is Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. The Apple Watch Series 3 is not recommended for you to consider. It is quite old, and all aspects of the configuration and experience are outdated.

The core difference between the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE is that the Apple Watch Series 6 supports blood oxygen monitoring and a steady on-screen function, depending on your personal needs. The starting price difference between the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE is 1,500 yuan. I think the Apple Watch SE is much more cost effective than the Apple Watch SE.

If you don’t take into account the cellular network version, plus the third-party channels will be 200 or 300 yuan cheaper, THE GPS Version of Apple Watch SE can be won in 1800, which is the same price as many domestic Android smartwatches, or even cheaper, simply can’t be more cost-effective.

Oh, and there’s another reason why I recommend an Apple Watch to anyone who owns an iPhone, especially an iPhone X. Due to the recent resurgence of the epidemic, masks have once again become a necessity, especially in public places, and must be worn at all times.

In this case, if you have an Apple Watch, you don’t have to remove your mask when using Face ID. You can just use the Watch to securely unlock your iPhone. Not only does it not affect the use experience at all, but also reduces the risk of the epidemic that may be faced by the removal of masks, which can be regarded as the added value of the special period.

More important than the number of projects is the accuracy of the data

Mask unlock is actually a new feature added to Apple Watch in watchOS 7.4 official version pushed by Apple at the end of April. Although you have to enter your password once or twice a day due to security Settings, I still recommend you to enable this feature considering that the epidemic may not be over for a while.

In the upcoming watchOS 8 update, Apple will add several features to the Apple Watch, including support for tai Chi and Pilates for fitness training.

Tai Chi has distinct Chinese cultural characteristics and can even be called the “quintessence of China”. However, in the mind of many people, Tai Chi is still a “middle-aged and old” exercise, while young people are relatively pursuing some more fashionable ways of fitness, pilates is one of them, especially among women, which is very popular.

In terms of supported training programs, I roughly counted more than 70 Apple Watches if you count the Tai Chi and Pilates additions to the watchOS 8. It may not seem like much, with some brands claiming to support more than 100 sports.

But unlike many smartwatches, the Apple Watch’s support for each exercise program is tested by Apple’s Fitness Lab, a host of Fitness professionals and partners.

To perfect the Watch’s fitness tracking features, Apple has been conducting years of secret research in a gym like lab dedicated to collecting fitness data and testing the Watch’s exercise tracking features. Therefore, Apple does not simply pursue the number of items to look good, but can really help users training.

Of course, I believe that most people’s main daily training projects are running, swimming, cycling and other relatively low threshold of exercise, so for a smart watch, many people prefer to use it for themselves.

To get a sense of how you’re doing during a workout, just raise your wrist and rotate the digital crown. The face lights up the most important metrics for the program.

During a run, for example, the Watch swipes and displays updates on the screen every time the user completes a run. These seemingly household features, piled together, and done best, make the Apple Watch excellent training function experience.

If your Apple Watch is a cellular version, you can also listen to Apple Music’s array of songs and playlists to exercise and stay active as you take part in the Fitness Record Challenge on August 8.

Apple Music’s editors have handpicked more than 25 playlists to help users easily complete the last set, run the last mile, or successfully hold the last pose to provide a powerful motivation during a workout.