“Flyme wonderful company” officially launched

"Flyme wonderful company" officially launched

On February 17, the Meizu official announced that the Meizu 17 Series “flyme Miaoyuan” was officially launched. Since then, Meizu pop2s real wireless headset, one key pairing, fast connection.

According to the animation released by the government, when the headset cover of Meizu pop2s real wireless headset is opened, the Meizu 17 series will automatically pop up to show the process of opening the cover, and then display the power of the earphone compartment and the two earphones.

In October this year, Meizu technology officially released the pop2s real wireless headset, with a price of 299 yuan. It is the first Meizu product to support flyme Miaoyuan. Users only need to open the charging box to quickly pop up the window to pair and reduce the link steps.

Meizu pop2s adopts golden section as the design inspiration, and the spiral earphone design is more suitable for the ear, making it more stable and comfortable to wear.

The new double-layer structure composite diaphragm design, combined with the brand-new audio design, has enough open sound field performance, and improves the analytical power of Meizu pop2s, with clear three-dimensional sense.

The battery life of Meizu pop2s is 6 hours, which can meet the requirement of 24 hours with charging. spark global limited