Flash memory, main control chip out of stock

main control chip out of stock

February 2021 is about to pass. In Q1, memory chips have also ushered in a turning point. Memory prices have started to rise. Now SSD hard drives have also begun to rise due to various factors, and this week is more obvious.

main control chip out of stock

Judging from the channel prices this week, the prices of SSDs of all capacities have risen, among which the quotation of SSD has risen from US$14.5 to US$14.7; the quotation of 240GB SSD has risen from US$24.2 to US$24.6; and the quotation of 480GB SSD has risen from US$44 to US$44.5.

The same is true for industry SSDs. The quotation of 128GB PCIe SSD rose from US$20.5 to US$20.7; the quotation of 256GB PCIe SSD rose from US$30.8 to US$31.2; the quotation of 512GB PCIe SSD rose from US$51.8 to US$52.

The price of 128GB SATA SSD rose from US$18.5 to US$18.7; the price of 256GB SATA SSD rose from US$29.2 to US$29.6; the price of 512GB SATA SSD rose from US$50 to US$50.5.

The main driving force for this round of price increases is the shortage of parts and components. The flash memory chip that constitutes the largest cost is two days of ice and fire. The supply of OEM manufacturers directly supplied by the original factory is still acceptable, but the OEM manufacturers supplied by module manufacturers are under greater pressure. , The out-of-stock time is longer.

The SSD master chip that was not a problem is also in trouble. On the one hand, the production capacity of foundries such as TSMC and UMC continues to be tight. On the other hand, Samsung’s 12-inch wafer fab in the United States has stopped water and power, and production has also been interrupted, further exacerbating the problem. .

There are also various electronic components, such as inductors, capacitors, resistors, PCBs, etc. These parts are also out of stock, and the accumulation also affects the SSD hard disk industry.