Five false truths about 5g mobile phone

Although some things are real, they are not the truth. Because if we examine from different angles or with different standards, we may come to different conclusions, so you have to look at everything dialectically. Just like the burgeoning 5g network and 5g mobile phone, the following “false truth” may deceive you.


01 5g higher power consumption


This is really true. No matter how powerful 5g is, it can’t get rid of the most basic laws of physics.

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In fact, this view had corresponding feedback before the release of the first generation X50 5g baseband by Qualcomm in 2017. After all, 5g’s various optimization measures were not mature at that time, and the chip technology level was the most advanced at that time, which was only 10nm, which was two generations different from the mainstream 5nm. It was basically the level of four natural years, the span from iPhone 8 to iPhone 12.


5nm chip brings 5g into maturity rapidly


Not only the energy consumption ratio at the chip level has been greatly improved, but also the battery capacity of 5g mobile phones is generally higher. In addition, the industry continues to make joint efforts and continuous optimization after 5g commercial use. Basically, any 5g mobile phone with 5nm chip that you buy in 2021 will not experience obvious degradation, while the soaring 5g network speed is real.


02 5g endurance diabetes insipidus


This is also true. 5g power consumption does increase, but endurance is a systematic problem.


In many 5g endurance tests, for example, the iPhone 12 and other models appear the embarrassing phenomenon of “endurance diabetes insipidus”. However, it should be emphasized that this kind of test is generally in continuous 5g uninterrupted high power output mode. This kind of test environment tends to examine the polarity of mobile phone’s endurance, which is not directly equivalent to daily use. Moderate use, one stroke a day, is basically normal.


The flagship mobile phone endurance list has little relevance with 5g or not


In fact, not only 5g, even if the screen of the mobile phone is always on, or the CPU is always in high frequency, complex computing will consume a lot of power. Anything you pull is different from intermittent use. Still, in 2021, any mainstream 5g mobile phone will not make you feel obvious experience degradation. Don’t treat engineers as fools.


03 5g more radiation


This is also true. For example, the radiation value of the iPhone 12 is higher than that of the previous model.


The introduction of 5g function has indeed increased the radiation value of the whole iPhone 12 system, and even the SAR value of the iPhone 12 Mini is more than three times higher. 0W / kg refers to the impact of mobile phone radiation on human body. Although the absolute value of the iPhone 12 is high, it still meets the standard. Moreover, this standard is very strict, and it is still safe within 50 times.


The iPhone 12 does have higher radiation, but it’s still safe


So is the radiation of 5g base station stronger? According to Academician Wu Hequan’s previous science popularization, the 5g network speed improvement depends on the increase of bandwidth rather than the improvement of transmission power. At present, both 5g base station and 4G base station must comply with the national standard of less than 40 MW / cm2. As a comparison, the American standard is 600 microwatts, and the sun can be as high as 100000 microwatts~


04 5g price is too expensive


This must also be true, but Chinese people do things with policies and countermeasures.


If you log in to the official websites of major operators now, the lowest charge for almost all 5g packages is about 128 yuan. And if you want a cheap 4G package, I’m sorry that you can only go to the offline business hall to handle it, and whether people can do it for you, and whether they will be forced to sell 5g packages are still unknown. 5g initial cost is high, expensive is inevitable.


Free upgrade 5g network, it is not fragrant


But Chinese people are most flexible in their work. Now there are many ways to upgrade 5g “free of charge”. As long as you have 5g mobile phone and 5g function, most 4G packages can enjoy 5g speed “free of charge”. Even though the overall price of 5g packages in some places is slightly higher, they contain more traffic and content, and the overall cost performance will be higher.


05 5g network speed burst


When we talk about 5g, we always have to sing the opposite tune. Although 5g is fast, it also shrinks.


The problem of 5g network speed “shrinking” should be divided into two dimensions. Although many businesses will claim 5g speed in various ways, these may be based on theoretical values. Some even show the millimeter band network speed in the ideal environment, but in fact we only have sub-6ghz band at present, and there is loss due to the influence of environment and distance.



Even if the network speed shrinks, it is much more fragrant than 4G


Secondly, different tariff packages are limited to 5g. If you want to experience a full speed 5g network, you have to spend more money, and such high-end 5g packages are often expensive. Take the 300m gear of China Unicom that I use as an example, the peak value is 300mbps, which is far from the theoretical speed of full speed 5g network. It’s good to return to rationality. Even so, it’s much better than Ka Chengxiang’s 4G!


Conclusion: no matter you support it or not, 5g is an irreversible trend to replace 4G. Upgrade 5g, just let it be. It’s not so exaggerating, and it’s not as bad as the legend. 5g, that’s all~