First OTA smart community released

First OTA smart community released

In the era of smart home, this mechanism relies on people’s initiative to operate through mobile phones. As long as the frequent operation of people is involved, it can’t be done without perceptual wisdom experience. The trigger mechanism of Ota intelligent community is face recognition, which relies on the accuracy of face recognition as high as 98%“ One ID “full scene experience.


, new ideas for future community_ Sina public test

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For example, taking driverless vehicles to go home downstairs in the community, supermarket shopping, logistics car express delivery or goods delivery, etc., users no longer need to take out the mobile phone to scan the code, just need to brush their face.


First OTA smart community released, new ideas for future community_ Sina public test


The most difficult thing about the launch of Ota intelligent community of the field group is that it is not a demonstration of the concept, but a landing product. From the driverless commuter car Hachi aoto2, intelligent express cabinet and delight, logistics and distribution robot v2x and so on, this series of intelligent communities can be truly realized, perhaps the real smart home should be.


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