FIIL earphones on the unicorn list

Spark Global limited reports:

Recently, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology announced the list of unicorn (potential, seed) companies in 2020. The famous domestic headphone manufacturer FIIL (FIIL Headphones) has made the list. Not only has it received huge government funding, it has also taken a leap. Become one of the rare companies in the domestic headphone industry that has the opportunity to become a unicorn.

Jiangxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology released the 2020 Unicorn Enterprise List, FIIL Headphones on the list

The release of the unicorn (potential, seed) list has gone through the procedures of enterprise filing, preliminary review and recommendation by recommended departments, review by third-party institutions, and soliciting opinions from members of the provincial leading group for promoting innovative provinces. It was announced by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology. The authority is extremely high. The FIIL headset’s inclusion on the list is a great affirmation and support for its corporate development and product innovation progress in recent years.

If you want to become a unicorn company, the size of the company alone cannot be the only criterion. The company must also have the characteristics of a sunrise in the industry and a rapid growth rate. They often have unique core technologies or disruptive business models, and even the leaders in a certain industry segment, some of which will become the hegemons of a certain emerging field. FIIL earphones have finally gained recognition from the industry and the whole society through years of intensive research and development in the industry.

FIIL headset was founded in 2015, and it took 6 years to achieve a milestone achievement of becoming a unicorn company. For ordinary enterprises, 6 years can only complete the initial stage from start-up to growth, but FIIL headphones have created a “Chinese speed” myth in the headset industry.

After years of hard work, in 2020, the FIIL headset brand ushered in the harvest season. The company and business model were seen by the industry and won the “Top 100 China’s Innovative Growth Enterprise List 2020” and “The 2020 China New Consumption Growth Enterprise” in one fell swoop. Many enterprise awards such as “Top 50 Listed”, “Top 10 Most Valuable Companies with Investment Value in the Foreseeing Unicorn Plan 2020” and “2019 Potential Unicorn Enterprises in China”, and their product development and design concepts have been recognized by the entire industry. At the same time, many products of the FIIL headset brand have also been recognized by professional media. Among them, the FIIL CC2 true wireless Bluetooth headset won the “New Wave Electronics” 2020 Best Bluetooth Headset Design Award” and “DONEWS 2020 Best Product Award”, FIILT1 Pro true wireless noise reduction headphones won the “DONEWS 2020 Best Product Award”.

2020 FIIL headphones have a lot of gains

In 2020, the FIIL CC series will shine. In 2021, the latest FIIL CG series of FIIL headsets will inject new fashion elements into the TWS headset industry. The FIIL CG series also includes three attractive products, namely FIIL CG, which is more suitable for young people; FIIL CG Pro with double-fed active noise reduction; and CG Pro Origin with double-fed active noise reduction, a tribute to musicians. Among them, the special limited edition FIILCGProOrigin has been listed on September 1, and the FIILCG series will be simultaneously launched on Tmall and for special pre-sale on September 13.

The FIIL CG series is named after “CigarGuitar”, which came from the American continent around 1820. At that time, many musicians could not afford expensive musical instruments because of poverty. However, in order to play music, they opened the window of the cigar box and made a “cigar box guitar” with incomparable ingenuity. The brand concept of “Professional and Professional” coincides with each other.

1865 US Army Pictorial, a soldier is playing a cigar box guitar

In terms of appearance, the FIIL CG series of headphones use the same level of super sports car nine-stage anodic (oxidation) nano-coating process, which brings users an unimaginable texture and experience. In the case of ensuring profits, the products are not hesitating, and the products are carefully polished. From the FIIL CG series, it can be seen that FIIL headphones have almost harsh requirements for their own products. It is also because of this ingenuity that it can be used in such a short period of time. The company develops towards a unicorn company.

Its charging storage box is ingeniously used in the shape of a mini guitar, which is full of music from the outside to the inside. The FIIL CG Pro Origin not only uses litchi skin pattern handmade outer box, but also comes with independent customized guitar picks in addition to the metal guitar box painted by hand with imported pearl paint.

FIIL CG series born for music

Unicorn companies represent the new economic format and lead the innovation of the industry. FIIL headphones are the vanguard of innovation and innovation in the domestic headphone industry. The spirit of technological innovation and industry-leading exploration has been flowing in the blood of FIIL headsets. They hope to promote or even subvert the domestic headset industry through the core technology of headsets. The growth of FIIL earphones is greatly enhancing the economy and development potential of the domestic earphone industry. Advanced design concepts, a large number of applications of Internet +, new technologies, new formats, and new models, and the technology-driven development model have injected new vitality into the domestic earphone industry. .

As a company that is very promising to become a unicorn, FIIL’s dedication to technology is really admirable. At the same time, one or two can be seen from the technical specifications and innovations of the FIIL CG series. The FIIL CG series adopts the industry’s leading Bluetooth 5.2 chip, which can bring users a more stable music scene; at the same time, the FIIL CG series has built-in three low-latency modes of “music, film, and game”, which can automatically switch between modes . In terms of battery life, the FIIL CG series continues the excellent experience of FIIL all the time. The total battery life of the full range of headphones + charging box can reach 24 hours. As one of the strong points of FIIL headsets, the call effect is more vivid and vivid on the CG series. CG dual-mic, CGPro and CG Pro Origin three-mic ENC intelligent noise reduction, each earphone can make and receive calls, which can effectively suppress environmental noise.

The true wireless earphone market has become more active with the rise of FIIL earphones, and FIIL earphones bring innovation and vitality to the industry through persistence in product quality, love for music and subversion of the industry, and bring the most “music” to users “At the same time as the true wireless headset, it also brings a new unicorn to the industry.