Fight for EUV lithography machine!

On the one hand, Samsung is actively seeking orders from ASML, the only EUV lithography machine manufacturer, and on the other hand, it is also increasing capital for blood transfusions in the EUV industry chain.

Fight for EUV lithography machine!

According to reports, Samsung Electronics spent 43 billion won (about 250 million) on Tuesday to buy 1.52 million shares of South Korean FST, becoming its third largest shareholder, holding 6.9% of the shares.

FST is a manufacturer of mask/photomask protective films and coolers. The protective film is simply to protect the photomask from dust, and the cooler is to control the temperature in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

FST is developing EUV photomask protective film. The design goal is full-size, silicon carbide matrix, 30nm scale, and 90% light transmittance.

At present, no company has mass-produced EUV mask protective film FST successfully, which will have a positive impact on the industry and its own income.