Expose my old phone of Nokia

Expose my old phone of Nokia

Over the weekend, I found all my “treasures” of nearly two decades. I think so: instead of letting them eat ashes and mold in the drawer, it’s better to make an inventory to commemorate youth.

Expose my old phone of Nokia
The former absolute king, now Nokia, which can only stay on the mobile phone track by re-enactment, has burned out its feelings as the “contemporary young people” after 00 grew up. Although all the old phones I found out this time were either functional or semi-smart phones, they were all famous in the era when I was full of memories, and each had its own style.


I think this is the era of the most prosperous feature phones, mobile phones from big to small, from black and white screen to monochrome screen to color screen. It may be hard for you to imagine: back then the screens were about 2 inches, we could still read e-books under the covers with relish; back then the camera was only 30W pixels, we could take the teacher’s PPT in the classroom; back then The battery can be charged with universal charging. At that time, the keyboard was most suitable for touch typing…

2006-2010 years

Symbian from S40 to S60, Windows Mobile from 5.0 to 6.0, Google from the acquisition of Android to the launch of the system, mobile phones have also begun the transition from function to semi-smart to smart. This is an era of choice and being chosen. Whether you are a veteran giant or a rising star, opportunities and risks are at the same time. It’s a pity that Nokia, either on its own or by relying on Microsoft, has not been able to stop Android from starting a prairie fire.

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Although some of these mobile phones have lost their batteries, some screens are aging, and some can’t even turn on the phones, the feeling of holding them in the hand, the warmth that once accompanied them, has never faded.

Time goes forward, looking back at youth. Which of these phones is also your youth? And which promise is the one you can’t forget the most? Come and leave a message to share your story with us.

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