Experts in the Folk: Nintendo switch successfully runs cyberpunk 2077

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The higher you stand, the worse you fall. Maybe it’s not too much to describe cyberpunk 2077. Due to the high popularity, “cyberpunk 2077” after-sales encountered some criticism, mainly focusing on the poor optimization performance of PS4, Xbox one and other previous generation hosts.


As of press release, the number of online players of cyberpunk 2077 on steam has dropped out of the top three.


However, even so, I believe there are still quite a few people who have not yet experienced the game, such as Nintendo fans who hold the switch.


Fortunately, nintedrew, the up master, made cyberpunk 2077 almost perfectly run on the switch host by transplanting Android and using Google stadia cloud games.


The switch was installed with Android self-made firmware as early as 2019, and there is a tutorial online. Next, just download the stadia app from the play store and play the game.


The test shows that joy con handle and switch Pro handle can recognize normally, and the game runs smoothly.