Exclusive interview with Gratuitous Technology

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

It has always been said that loving games and making games are two completely different ways of playing games. When every game lover becomes a producer, the change of position, creative inspiration and high pressure brought by the project schedule will make people start to deviate from their original intention.

But in an interview in 2021 Shanghai CJ gratuitous technology of offline, when I and responsible for the sniper 2, the issue of the ups and downs team sit together, they have introduced and let me to experience the game and share to me for the game play of the reference object, some interesting things during the process of development, we also spent a lot of time to chat in recent games circles of gossip, Recommended a few of their own fun games.

It gave me the impression that the people sitting across from me were just ordinary gamers with a passion for the game, just like me. They chatted and the interview was complete.

Rangers net 1

Ranger net: Among the games presented by Gratuitux this time, one is a shooting end game that is ready to develop in the direction of 3A, while the other is a very free sandbox simulation and building indie game. Why do you bring two games with very different styles to the players?

A: At present, our team still takes FPS game development as the core direction. “Life and Death sniper 2” is A large-scale terminal game reset based on the IP of the popular previous game “Life and Death Sniper”. The purpose is to expand the wider market of shooting games on the basis of receiving the feelings of old players and demands for higher-quality games.

We also didn’t ignore independent games in recent years in domestic market and the audience in the spring tide, “ups and downs” is our company’s independent games team a work, independent games is also the company in the near future hope to expand the field, our team has a very deep feelings on independent games a, on the basis of core project, I also want to try some more free and creative independent game development.

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Ranger: We know that Sniper is a web game that has been running for 7 years, and The quality of Sniper 2 is completely different, so can you share with us the progress of Sniper 2 from the page to the end?

A: Death and Death had A good reputation among players, so we decided to continue the IP, but also to prepare for the full evolution of Death and Death 2 (research engine, expansion of development team, etc.).

In terms of overall quality, client games have more stringent requirements than web games, but for our maturing team, this also means more room to play, so we adopted a next generation r&d process with the aim of making Sniper 2 match the quality of mainstream client games.

In experience, we also strive to perfectly in every detail, for example, we find the international top motion capture studio, dynamic technical support, provide us with the game every gun launching, the mouth of sound production team is recorded and domestic regional cooperation, in the sound and feel of the scene, team insist that learning new skills, Constantly grinding and tuning.

In the gameplay, we inherit the original popular gameplay on the basis of, also has been insisting on pioneering, mining more original innovative gameplay.