Evernote has developed a smart mouse

And it's going to be replaced by a bigger folding screen phone

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In addition to supporting voice input and translation, EverMOUSE has added functions that match the Evernote software, which is a very unique experience.

In the past few years, the boundaries between mobile phones and computers have become increasingly blurred, mainly because mobile phones have been learning the advantages of computers. For example, the computing power of hardware has been enhanced, and multitasking on the same screen is more convenient. In this process, the mobile phone has also unlocked a new skill “voice”. The precise voice input alleviates the disadvantage of the mobile phone without keyboard input to a certain extent, and the voice control solves many efficiency problems.

Later, this learning trend has reversed, and computers are also learning the voice capabilities of mobile phones, such as Cortana in Windows and Siri in macOS. However, this kind of voice assistant that relies on the system ecology generally does not change too quickly, nor can it meet the needs of different people.

So recently, this computer-side voice assistant has a new carrier “mouse”. We have introduced the Xiaomi Xiaoai mouse before, and Xunfei has also released a series of smart mouse products. Today we are going to introduce EverMOUSE, the smart mouse from Evernote. It supports voice input and translation, and it also has more functions that match the Evernote software. It is a very unique experience.

Small appearance, slightly poor hand feeling

Let’s take a look at its hardware first. EverMOUSE is not large in size and suitable for light office use. Even if you play games, it has insufficient support and feels no better than a professional gaming mouse. It can be seen that its positioning is consistent with Evernote’s usual learning and office Scenes.

Looking at the appearance alone, it has a strong Evernote style. There is an elephant logo on the palm, the buttons are green theme color, the other parts are dark gray matte materials, the roller is plain colloidal material, and the feedback when rolling is average.

EverMOUSE only supports wireless adapters for connection, and there are fewer options, but most devices should have USB Type-A interfaces.

EverMOUSE itself does not need a battery, it can be charged via Micro-USB, it is fully charged in 3 hours, and the battery life is one month.

Its DPI is 1600, which can satisfy daily use, even playing games.

After all, it is a product made by a software company, mainly to meet the needs of learning and office. We also express our understanding, let’s focus on its software functions.

Support voice input and translation

EverMOUSE’s voice functions are grouped on special buttons on both sides. On the left is the voice/translation button with a microphone drawn, and on the right is the impression function button. Evernote users should easily see that this is a cut button.

Download the Evernote client of “Impression Smart Mouse Edition”, turn on the corresponding option in Tools-Options-Mouse, you can use EverMOUSE functions. (Currently only supports Windows 7/8/10 system, macOS version will support it later.)

In addition to the Evernote icon in the lower right corner of the desktop, there will also be an EverMOUSE icon. Click to enter the setting options.

The voice/translation key on the left is easy to understand, that is, long press where you can enter text for voice input, and the input box will be displayed in the lower right corner (the input box occasionally follows the cursor, and the voice interface needs to be optimized).

The voice technology provider here is iFLYTEK. There is no need to introduce too much, and the accuracy is not to worry about. The experience is the same as the voice input on the mobile phone (supports Chinese, English, Cantonese, Henan dialect, Sichuan dialect). With the mouse’s built-in microphone, you don’t need to speak to the mouse.