Evaluation of Jimi h3s

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Since its launch in 2019, Jimi H3 has been the flagship model of the home intelligent projector of Jimi. In the expectation of many fans, Jimi finally officially launched its new projector, Jimi h3s, on March 16 this year.

Evaluation of Jimi h3s

As a new flagship projector of extreme meters, h3s naturally gets the attention of many projection fans, and the first batch of them sold out on the day of sale. However, H3S has already signed the receipt of the awesome speed and the power of the courier brother.


He came out with a thousand calls, and half covered his face with the lute. Today, let’s unveil the flagship of Jimi.


(polar meter h3s) (polar meter h3s)

1、 Appearance


As a new work of Jimi H3, the name of Jimi h3s is only added with “s”, and the two projectors are undoubtedly consistent. Therefore, after h3s arrived, Xiaobian immediately moved to Jimi H3, which has been in service for many years. What’s the difference between these two models?


The contrast is that the appearance of the two projections cannot be said to be identical, but they are indeed roughly similar.


Put the two together, can you tell which is Jimi h3s and which is Jimi h3s? Put the two together, can you tell which is Jimi h3s and which is Jimi h3s?

The answer is that the one on the left is h3s, the one on the right is H3.


In fact, two projector fuselage color is still slightly different, h3s color is a bit darker. In addition to the color of the fuselage, the foot pads on the bottom of the two projectors and the perception module on the right side of the fuselage are also different.


Bottom pad: the foot pad at the bottom of h3s is more flat than H3, so when two are placed flat on the table, the height of H3 is higher.


Sensing module: it is obvious that the h3s of polar meter has been upgraded compared with H3.


(left: polar meter h3s, right: polar meter H3) (left: polar meter h3s, right: polar meter H3)

Back interface: the back interface of the polar h3s and H3 is basically the same, and the left to right interfaces are: power interface, optional interface, two USB interfaces, HDMI interface, LAN network port and audio interface.

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