epidemic economy to drive 300 million PC shipments?

Will the competition for 5nm chips continue to compete with "running points"?

Although Apple’s self-developed M1 processor is only suitable for MacBook and mac mini, judging from its external evaluation and actual test performance since its advent, Apple has reason to continue to launch M1 follow-up products next year to continuously update its product line, and even carry more macbooks or IMAC together. Interestingly, Apple’s phased success may greatly inspire the confidence of other technology giants in developing their own chips.


According to foreign media news released earlier, Microsoft is likely to launch its own processor next year. Google, Amazon and other international enterprises are also eyeing. With apple proofing, who will be the fastest to launch self-developed chips next year? Will any manufacturers follow the trend and launch laptops with ARM processors? Let’s have a brain hole.


Is it a flash in the pan for the epidemic economy to drive 300 million PC shipments?


If you want to select the top ten news of PC industry in this year, I think the PC shipment surge can at least rank in the top three. After all, computers have not been growing for a long time. Since the advent of Apple’s iPhone in 2007, the mobile screen of consumers has been firmly occupied by touch phones. The frequency of PC users and the volume of PC shipments have been declining. In recent years, PC manufacturers have had to make changes on their own, and stimulate PC sales by subdividing product types, improving product forms, and launching game sub brands.

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Unexpectedly, an epidemic started at the beginning of the year directly took off the global PC sales. Due to the isolation of many users at home, distance learning, telecommuting, playing games and recreation, the demand for computers of family members becomes tense for a time, and users have to buy computers for their families.


IDC predicts the change and trend of PC shipment in the next five years IDC predicts the change and trend of PC shipment in the next five years

From the production side, due to the soaring global demand for laptops and desktops in 2020, the world is still in a situation of short supply. Suppliers including Intel and other upstream manufacturers and screen manufacturers are working overtime. The PC supply chain is in a tense situation that has not been seen for many years. According to the forecast data released by IDC, a well-known research institution, the global PC shipment will reach about 300 million units in 2020, and there will be a slight increase in 2021 due to the long tail effect.