Emui 12 appears: Huawei continues to polish Android

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With the introduction of harmonyos 2, Huawei is in parallel status of emui and Hongmeng on the mobile phone. Considering that the upgrade of Hongmeng 2.0 covers the Qilin 960 model as early as, it is not difficult to judge that Hongmeng will be the top priority of Huawei at the operating system level in the future.

Does this mean that the emui line is on the road?

Now there’s an unexpected discovery. Some foreigners noticed that the latest version of Huawei computer manager mentioned emui 12 system, and more than once.

One guess is Huawei has not given up on Android based emui research and development, after all, there may be some future changes. There are also views that Hongmeng has become an irresistible trend. Emui 12 may be a clerical error in software development, but actually emui 11.

Considering that the emui official micro has been renamed harmonyos, the second is more likely.

At present, emui 11 is built in depth based on Android 10, and the large version of Android system has been promoted to 12, and the public beta is open. It is expected to become a regular in July and August.

Of course, the truth should be verified by time.