Draw in the air, make a fist to clear the screen, this hand tracking project is on fire, and can be played online

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Heart of the Machine Editorial Department

Students who can write chalk characters are easier to master YoHa’s skills.

Painting on the screen is an interesting application recently that involves complex hand tracking technology, which can be used to enhance the interactive experience of the application when it matures. Earlier, the heart of the machine had reported an interesting project “air-drawing” that can write and draw in space. This project uses deep learning tools to allow users to obtain their own gesture pose estimation imaging images on a computer equipped with a camera.

The effect of using YoHa “Drawing and Writing in Space” is shown in the figure below:

Recently, another open source project with similar functions has become a big hit on reddit. The project is called YoHa-Your Hand Tracking.

Project address: https://github.com/handtracking-io/yoha

Website: https://handtracking.io/

The effect of using YoHa “Drawing and Writing in Space” is shown in the figure below:

YoHa is a hand tracking engine based on the TensorFlow framework, developed around specific gestures that users and developers find useful. YoHa aims to provide more substantial value to applications that use hand tracking to build new multi-functional solutions and enhance the interactive experience of applications. Its ultimate goal is to become a universal hand tracking engine that supports any gesture.

YoHa has considered practical performance from the beginning of its design, and it can provide real-time user experience on various laptops and desktops. The current performance of YoHa on mobile devices is not good, and it will be improved with the development of inference frameworks such as TensorFlow.js in the future.