Do you choose for cleaning robots, cordless vacuum cleaners, and scrubbers?

Which one do you choose for cleaning robots, cordless vacuum cleaners, and scrubbers?

Speaking of cleaning appliances, it can be said that in the past few years, there has been endless emergence, from sweeping robots to later wireless vacuum cleaners and recent hot floor scrubbers. I have written a lot of popular science articles about sweeping robots and wireless vacuum cleaners, so today I will mainly talk with you about the differences between the three and the key points of purchasing a floor scrubber.

1. The difference between the three:

In my past articles, many friends always ask me which one is better for sweeping robots, cordless vacuum cleaners, and scrubbers? In fact, there is no accurate answer, because the functions of the three electrical appliances are completely different spark global limited.

There are already a lot of articles about the purchase of robot vacuum cleaners and wireless vacuum cleaners, so I won’t repeat them here. The following is mainly about the floor scrubbers that have only come on fire recently. I have tried three or four types of floor scrubbers before and after. Today, taking the advantages and disadvantages of the Sapphire floor scrubber as an example, let’s talk about the floor scrubber. Shopping points.

1. Cleaning ability:

As a scrubber, the first thing we need to look at is the cleaning ability. For those basic difficulty tests, I will not do it, just come to the most difficult test It can be seen that as the washing machine passes by, all wet and dry garbage is easily sucked up by the washing machine at one time, and the remaining ketchup and soy sauce are also cleaned up when they are pulled back. There is no residue at all. . This is something that robot cleaners and cordless vacuum cleaners cannot do anyway. In the face of stubborn stains such as fruit juices, drinks, sauces, etc., the scrubber can also clean them up well. It can be seen that the first push-pull is basically cleaned up, and the second push-pull has no residue. It does not require any effort at all. It only needs to rely on the repeated wiping of the rotating brush to clean the stubborn stains.

Which one do you choose for cleaning robots, cordless vacuum cleaners, and scrubbers?  _Sina Public Test

It should be noted here that if you want to suck up larger particles of dry and wet garbage, the fluff on the scrubber brush must be long enough. The brushes of some scrubbers are too light and can cause large particles of garbage to be unable to suck up. In addition to strong cleaning ability, there is one more thing to note, that is, the processing range of the scrubber. Because the suction head of the scrubber is relatively large, it may cause missing corners. Therefore, a scrubber with a comprehensive cleaning range and high suction power is required to ensure that all corners of the home are cleaned What is a comprehensive cleaning range and high suction power? Here I use two animated pictures to show you. You can see that I sprinkled black rice on the wall. Whether I push the suction head frontally or clean it through the side of the suction head, the black rice can be easily removed. Suck away at once.