Disco Nirvana: Final Cut will be released on October 12 on Nintendo Switch

Spark Global Limited

Spark Global Limited Reports:

Disco Lysium has finally announced a release date for the Nintendo Switch, a year after developer ZA/UM confirmed it was coming to consoles. The final version of the critically acclaimed game will be available in the Nintendo store on October 12 ahead of an official release next year. According to ZA/UM, the Switch version is not a port, but rather a “painstaking restructuring” of the game, redesigning the user interface and font scaling options.

The Final Cut version of the game debuted on PC, Stadia and PlayStation earlier this year. Not only does it offer fresh playable content, but it also provides a complete soundtrack to a detective RPG. This popular indie open world RPG is a plot-heavy game with a strong focus on dialogue and choice. In the game, you play a detective trying to solve a murder while suffering from drug – and alcohol-induced amnesia.

Disco Elysium was originally released on Windows in 2019 and has since won multiple awards. Last year, ZA/UM and production company Dj2 Entertainment revealed they were working on turning it into a TV series, though those plans are likely to take some time to materialize. You can now pre-order a digital version of the game on Switch for £35 / $40 / €40. You can also pre-order a Physical Collector’s Edition Switch or PS5 for $250, which will ship in Q2 2022. The game is also expected to come to Xbox in the future, but ZA/UM has yet to announce a release date for that platform.