Disassembly of the M1 version of the Mac mini: there is still room inside the body that can be reduced by 30%

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M1 Mac Mini teardown
Sina Digital News reported on the morning of November 19 that this week, three computers equipped with Apple’s self-developed chip M1 have gradually reached the hands of users. Among them, the Mac mini is a small-size desktop computer. At present, some users have disassembled it after receiving it. Solution, let’s take a look at the difference between computers equipped with M1 chips.

The video of this disassembly comes from the blogger @Brandon Geekabit on YouTube.

As Apple’s first self-developed chip desktop, the M1 version of the Mac mini has good performance. Of course, this chip will also remove some things from it, such as only two USB-Cs (instead of 4), and because it is With integrated RAM, users can no longer upgrade the memory or hard disk by themselves.

Two USB-C ports are missingTwo USB-C ports are missing
The appearance of the Mac mini is no different from the Intel version, and the disassembly method is roughly the same as the previous version, except that some TR6 screws are used. It is worth noting that Brandon took out a new motherboard, highlighting that the internal components of the M1 chip version take up much less space.

Hosting is very small and highly integratedHosting is very small and highly integrated
Although it is disappointing that RAM and SSD cannot be replaced, the M1 chip has brought more imagination to the computer industry and is compatible with iPhone and iPad apps. Coupled with excellent heat generation control, it is enough to make Intel very nervous.

Redesign the mold, Apple can launch a new Mac mini 30-40% smaller than the existing product sizeRedesign the mold, Apple can launch a new Mac mini 30-40% smaller than the existing product size

It is worth noting that because the M1 chip generates a small amount of heat, coupled with the compact design, there is still a lot of rich space in the body, which may indicate that in the future Apple will launch a smaller size Mac mini.