Dell’s new commercial display

Dell's new commercial display

Dell will launch three new displays next month, all with a dedicated Microsoft teams button. Dell announced that after Microsoft started certification of monitors, webcams and headphones last year, it has created “the world’s first Microsoft teams certified video conferencing display”, which will be launched next month.

Dell's new commercial display
This button will allow Microsoft teams users to quickly launch applications to make and receive video calls. The handsfree command will also be supported through Cortana and the built-in microphone.
This is the first time that we see the Microsoft teams button on the display device. Before that, some headphone manufacturers have rapidly increased the buttons supporting Microsoft communication applications. This deeper integration comes at a time when the utilization rate of the application soared at the beginning of the popularity of cowid-19.
The teams button is the main surprise for these displays, but Dell’s three video conferencing displays also have some useful specifications designed for remote work and video calls. Each monitor includes a 5 megapixel pop-up infrared camera that supports windows Hello face recognition. Dell also comes bundled with a noise reduction microphone and dual 5W integrated speakers, as well as a built-in mode to reduce Blu ray and visual fatigue.
Dell’s new business conference monitor costs $519.99 for its 24 inch (FHD) version, $719.99 for its 27 inch (QHD) model and $1149.99 for its 34 inch (wqhd) curved model. All three products will be on sale on February 16.

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