Google’s new features make password management and payment easier in chrome

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According to foreign media reports, Google makes it easier for users to use and save their Google account credentials in chrome, even if they choose not to use Chrome’s synchronization service. The company has announced new features in Android and desktop versions of browsers that will make it easier for users to access their Google account information.

Starting with Android, it will soon be possible to log in to websites with login information stored on Google accounts. So, if users have a Google account connected to their mobile phone, they can log in with it without having to synchronize their login information through chrome. Soon, online payments can be made on chrome using the payment method stored in Google accounts, and CVC confirmation purchases using biometric authentication or credit cards. This feature was launched on chrome desktop last year.

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On the desktop version, password management has been improved. When registering an account on the website, the system will prompt the user to save the password on the device or Google account, so that the user can use the password anywhere. Again, this works without turning on chrome synchronization. These adjustments will occur in the next few months, so this means that users may not see them immediately. In addition, Google will let more people use Chrome’s password generator.


These new features may be useful if you don’t need to enable synchronization for all of Chrome’s features, but it won’t have a big impact on privacy because users can still use Google to save this information. However, if you find it useful, you may need to pay close attention to these features in case they are already online.