Cost-effective wireless Bluetooth headset

Recommendation 3. OnePlus OnePlus Buds Z

Bluetooth headsets have unparalleled advantages over wired headsets: unfettered, compact and convenient. After all, the original intention of Bluetooth headsets is to replace wired headsets, and with the leap in coding and decoding technology of Bluetooth headsets in recent years, the sound quality can also be comparable. Wired, which makes more and more people start to use wireless headsets. The student party must be at the forefront of the trend of the times. So today I have compiled some suitable for the student party and the sound quality is comparable to wired Bluetooth earphone.

Recommend 1, Nank lite Pro

Recommend 1, Nank lite Pro
Recommended reason: Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.2, good sound quality, game acceleration mode

This is a Bluetooth headset with a semi-in-ear design. It has a round appearance and looks like a delicate pebble. The whole body is made of shiny plastic material, which looks very textured. The ear handle part of the earphone has the same indicator design as the charging box, which can show the different working status of the earphone, which I personally think is very practical. The touch operation is more sensitive. The brand-new Bluetooth 5.2 chip, with the fully upgraded ceramic antenna, and the dual host design, increase the signal strength of the left and right communication by 800%, increase the anti-interference ability by 300%, and increase the transmission distance by 50%. . The headset supports Aptx high-definition decoding, and it also has a 13mm large dynamic unit, which is very comfortable for daily use. The Bluetooth 5.2 chip and brand-new game mode of South Carolina Lite Pro really make people feel no delay. And I actually didn’t feel any delay when I used it in normal mode, and the game mode is certainly stronger. Strong overall performance, high cost performance is worth choosing.

Recommendation 2. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC300TW

Recommended reason: veteran headset manufacturers have good sound quality and have added a new noise reduction technology

Audio-Technica ANC300TW supports active noise reduction and provides three anti-noise modes. You can choose different noise reduction modes according to your own environment. In terms of sound quality, as an established audio manufacturer, the listening experience is really good, the overall sound is balanced, and high-frequency details Lubrication, without too much irritation, full mid-frequency, vocals appear prominent, low-frequency is very solid, drums are thick, just right sound field, full vocals, so that the fullness and thickness of the overall sound are revealed. It solves the problem that no noise reduction and sound quality cannot coexist. This model has almost no shortcomings, but the price is a bit expensive.

Recommendation 3. OnePlus OnePlus Buds Z

Recommendation 3. OnePlus OnePlus Buds Z
Recommended reason: One plus mobile phone is very good to use

OnePlus Buds Z uses a nano-coating design, IP55 dust and water resistance, only 4.35g, ultra-light wear, support automatic pause, call noise reduction and other functions. The true wireless headset also uses a 10mm high-quality moving coil unit and supports Bluetooth 5.0. Many new features have been added, including better bass technology and virtual 3D audio, and support for Dolby Atmos. OnePlus Buds Z does not support wireless charging, but supports the “flash charging” of the headset charging for 10 minutes and listening to music for 3 hours.

Recommendation 4. Sony WF-H800

Recommended reason: the first step of Bluetooth headset

As Sony’s main color WF-H800, youthfulness has become a new expression in the h.ear series. Judging from the color scheme of black, blue, red, gray-green and orange, this headset obviously wants to seize A market for young people. The feeling of holding it in your hand may be because a single earphone weighs only 7.4G, or it may have a compact and streamlined design. Holding the WF-H800 in your hand feels like two carefully polished bracelet beads, allowing you to inadvertently I want to rub it and play with it. WF-H800 is also very outstanding in bass performance, strong impact, violent and elastic, and does not have the feeling of excessive ear pressing. It can be said that it sinks just right, and it is also very clear and powerful when it is switched to mid-range.