Comprehensive analysis of ROG Ice Blade 5 dual screen

Comprehensive analysis of ROG Ice Blade 5 dual screen

As more and more consumers put forward higher requirements for notebook products, more manufacturers are beginning to tap the deeper needs of users in the appearance of notebooks, and dual-screen notebooks are among the best. Prior to the release of ROG Ice Blade 5 dual-screen, its unique dual-screen design has been recognized by consumers. The price of 5W actually has 8,000 people making reservations. Why the dual-screen design is well received? Let’s take a look at ROG Ice Blade 5 dual-screen product.

Comprehensive analysis of ROG Ice Blade 5 dual screen
As a new result of exploring the appearance of the notebook, the advantages of dual screens are obvious. ROG Ice Blade 5 dual screen is equipped with a secondary screen that can be lifted automatically with the A side while maintaining the overall body specifications, providing more working space and viewing area. Moreover, the raised secondary screen also provides an excellent air outlet position. With the blessing of the AAS Plus wind tunnel, the air intake is increased by about 30%, which greatly improves the heat dissipation efficiency and maintains the continuous release of high performance.

the continuous release of high performance.
The existence of the secondary screen also allows the ROG Ice Blade 5 dual screen to move the keyboard down. This design keeps the keyboard area away from the heating area and makes the experience more comfortable. The design of the single-key RGB backlit keyboard, combined with the one-key switching function design of the touchpad and virtual numeric keyboard, enhances the main keyboard area and feels better.

Due to the advantages of natural heat dissipation and user experience produced by the unique design, ROG naturally has no waste. In the core configuration, ROG Ice Blade 5 dual screen is equipped with a combination of Ryzen R9 5900HX overclocking version + RTX 3080 mobile graphics card. The former adopts Zen3 architecture and 7nm process technology, can accelerate to 4.6GHz clock frequency, output up to 90W performance release, performance is brutal.

The latter RTX 3080 16GB is the highest specification in the NVIDIA mobile graphics family, using 8nm process technology, and has a high-performance release of up to 130W. With the core support of a whole new generation of architecture, 3A masterpieces with changeable images, or professional image processing or video editing content production that requires high-performance support, ROG Ice Blade 5 dual-screen performance can easily cope with it. With a storage combination of 32G dual-channel 3200MHz memory + 2TB high-speed SSD, the operating speed is greatly improved.

Strong performance requires the same efficient cooling system as the support of continuous release. ROG Ice Blade 5 dual screen is equipped with Glacier Cooling Architecture 2.0 Pro. In addition to its unique advantages in design, it also uses liquid metal heat dissipation, a 12V dual fan design, and has 5 heat pipes and 4 air outlets. Even if the ROG Ice Blade 5 dual screen is in a high load state, it can guarantee its low power consumption and high performance.

Go back to the ROG Ice Blade 5 dual-screen screen. In addition to the bright spots in the design, its own quality is also quite good. The main screen adopts UHD 120Hz IPS all-round screen, covering 100% Adobe RGB professional color gamut, and has passed Pantone color certification and supports Adaptivesnys technology, which is a good news for content creators. The secondary screen also uses the same resolution UHD IPS secondary screen, which is more convenient to realize multi-tasking, and the primary and secondary screens work together. With the support of 90Wh high-capacity battery and up to 100W PD charging, its endurance is also extremely powerful.

It is not difficult to see that ROG Ice Blade 5 dual screen combines the advantages of performance, heat dissipation, dual screen design and other aspects into a lightweight body of about 2.5kg and 20.9mm, and its technical strength is evident. And this also proves that ROG Ice Blade 5 dual screens are difficult to shake as the market position of college all-rounders. Currently, ROG Ice Blade 5 dual-screen has been on sale, friends who like it may wish to pay attention.