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July 15 news, interface news learned that the cryptocurrency content community “currency world” announced that it would stop operating apps and websites from now on.

Tianyancha app shows that Beijing coin World Network Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of coin world, was established in August 2017, with the legal representative of Tan Chenhui, the registered capital of 1.25 million yuan, and its business scope includes Internet information services; Software development; Enterprise management consulting; Data processing, etc.

The financing history shows that the company has obtained several rounds of financing, including Shunwei capital, Qifu capital and Zhenge fund.

It is worth mentioning that on May 6, 2021, the company was listed in the list of abnormal operations by Chaoyang District market supervision and Administration Bureau of Beijing because it could not be contacted through its registered residence or business place.

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Domestic virtual currency “mining” industry staged “escape”, “hydropower plant” sold to idle fish!

Financial Association (Beijing, reporter Jiang Fan) news, in addition to selling bank equity, what can idle fish sell? Recently, the financial association reporter noticed that on the second-hand transfer platform of Xianyu, there are many transfer information of small hydropower plants and mining machinery. The reporter found that most of the information was released in June. Most of the hydropower plants for sale are located in the mountains of Sichuan, Guizhou and other places. The power generation capacity varies from several hundred kilowatts to several thousand kilowatts, and the price ranges from one million to tens of millions of yuan.

Behind these small hydropower plants waiting to be sold, it is reflected that the domestic virtual currency “mining” industry is staging a “big escape”. According to people in the industry, these small hydropower plants were originally used for “mining”, and the reporter also saw from the information released by some sellers that what was transferred at the same time with the hydropower station also included mining racks, mining machines and other necessary mining supplies.

Some people in the industry said frankly that the current domestic virtual currency “mining” industry is almost at a standstill, which is the reason why a large number of small hydropower plants will transfer information on idle fish. Due to increasingly strict supervision, even with hydropower resources, the mines that can actually start “mining” have almost disappeared. Therefore, although there are many buyers leaving messages on leisure fish, few are really ready to take over.

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