Chip shortage makes it difficult to increase production capacity of PlayStation 5

Sony is really unable to guarantee full product supply

According to Sony’s latest 2020 Q3 quarterly financial report, as of December 31 last year, the company has sold 4.5 million PlayStation 5 consoles. The high demand for players makes PS5 wiped out as long as it is in stock. For the company, this is obviously a big victory. However, in the face of a serious shortage of semiconductor components, Sony is really unable to guarantee full product supply.

Sony is really unable to guarantee full product supply

ARSTechnica pointed out that, as many people have experienced, the new consumer electronics products in the past few months are really hard to grab. In addition, Sony said today that the company is working hard to overcome the shortage of semiconductor components to ease its negative impact on production.

Sony’s Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki said in a briefing: “With the shortage of semiconductors and other components, it is difficult for our company to further increase the production capacity of PS5 to fully meet the high demand for purchases by players. However, our company will still do our best. Ship as many devices as possible to customers waiting for PS5.”

However, even if Sony’s current production capacity is not subject to any restrictions, we will certainly not be able to see any relief from the PS5 inventory shortage until the problem of semiconductor component shortage is resolved, so you still don’t expect to count in the next few weeks. I snapped up a PS5 at the original price within a month.

In addition, Sony confirmed today that although every PS5 console currently sold is under pressure to lose money, this matter is not a big deal in the period when the consoles of previous generations were first to grab the market. At some point in the future, Sony will eventually make a profit on every next-generation host sold.