China Consumers Association tested 25 projectors

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The post-80s, who have gradually entered the age of no doubt, have become the mainstay of this society, and a group of post-00s have also begun to enter the society. The transition between the old and the new is the norm in society. The new generation is not unfamiliar with projectors. With the popularization of home entertainment and games, projectors are quickly entering the family, and the necessity for projection is rapidly increasing.

  According to IDC data, the total shipments of China’s projection market in the first half of 2020 totaled 1.69 million units, while the shipment of home projectors was 1.31 million units. Although a year-on-year decrease of 2.7%, this data has far exceeded expectations under the epidemic.

  The “Suspension of Classes and Non-stop Schools” in the first half of the year started the journey of online learning. The National Health Commission’s Disease Prevention and Control Bureau recommended in the “Guidelines for the Prevention of Myopia in Children and Adolescents During the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic” that home learning online classes “choose large-screen electronic products as much as possible , And pointed out that the priority is projectors, TVs, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.” More and more people are more willing to buy home projector products known for their healthy large screens.

25 projector comparison test background

  I believe many people will ask how to buy a projector. Pjtime also receives many users’ inquiries every year. Recently, the China Consumers Association, together with Hebei Province, Jiangsu Province Consumer Rights Protection Committee and testing unit: National Radio and Television Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing Tairuite Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd.), have evaluated 25 hot-selling home projectors It is hoped that it can help consumers to provide reference when purchasing projectors.

  According to the official statement, 25 samples involving 18 brands were purchased from e-commerce platforms such as, Tesco, Pinduoduo, etc. There are no “hidden rules”, and the purchase price ranges from 256.72 yuan to 3198.9 yuan per unit.

  The test is developed for the image display effect of the projector, including the projector’s light output, clarity, contrast, color gamut coverage, uniformity of illumination, and keystone correction ability to conduct comprehensive comparison tests. The 25 projectors are divided into Panasonic PT-WX3400L, XGIMI XH25L, Big Eye Orange OBE_X7D, Epson CB-S41, Xiaomi MJJGTYDS02FM, JmGO J72-2D0, JMGO J31-2CO, XGIMI XJ13V, Skyworth LP1802, JMGO Smart M6, Tencent TX_T1, Toumei C800, Weiying Z8, Yidun BH-808H, Hengtian Pao Q9S, Xianqi XQ-30, Rigel RD-825, Hengtian Pao W5S, REMOZE Rui Meng, Hengtian Pao T8, Rui Starlight Meter M3, Happy Cast Android Smart AI Model, Rigel RD-805, Ruishida Light Meter S3, DAL Mobile Projector SF100, of which Panasonic and Epson 2 are ultra-high pressure mercury lamps, and the other 23 are LEDs light source.

Only 4 of 25 projectors are excellent

  The test report shows that among the 23 LED light source samples, the difference between the highest and lowest light output is more than 20 times, and 10 models have low light output, only a few dozen lumens, and the picture is easy to blur. There are 10 products with a resolution of 720 TV lines, the best of which can reach 1080 TV lines, meeting the requirements of high-definition display. There are only 4 models with excellent performance indicators of various images, namely XGIMI XH25L, Epson CB-S41, Xiaomi MJJGTYDS02FM, JmGO J72-2D0.

  The light output of the projector will directly affect the clarity of the projector. Among the 23 LED light source samples, 3# (Bigeye Orange) has the highest light output, reaching 472lm; 21#  ( The light output of 3 models such as Rigor RD-805) and 25# (DAL SF100) is only more than 20 lumens, the details of the picture are blurred, and the content cannot even be distinguished.

  Another important parameter of the projector, the contrast test results show that, except for the two ultra-high-pressure mercury lamp samples that achieve better contrast (more than 30 times), the contrast of the other 23 LED light source projectors is very low, at 1.2 Between times and 6.4 times. Therefore, consumers are advised to turn off the ambient light and block the windows when using the LED light source projector, otherwise the picture will not be easy to see clearly.

  In addition, in terms of ease of use and intelligent operation indicators, the 1# (Panasonic) and 4# (Epson) models with the high-pressure mercury lamp as the light source both exceeded 60 seconds; 22# (快乐投), 23# (Rigell RD-805) claims to have wireless projection function, but it can’t actually project; 2# (Xtreme XH25L), 3# (Bigeye Orange), 5# (Xiaomi), 6# (Mutah J72- 2D0), 8# (XGIMI XJ13V), 11# (Tencent) and other 6 samples have auto focus function, focusing time from 5 seconds to 11 seconds.

  Only 4 of the 25 projectors achieved excellent image display indicators. If we simply follow the 16% ratio, only 20,000 projectors out of the 1.31 million sales in the first half of the year can achieve this.