Chia mining drives HDD backlight

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

Although Seagate and Western Digital do not admit that the Chia mining boom is driving the HDD market, but the truth does not lie, this year’s Q2 three manufacturers shipped a total of 67.6 million HDDS, year-on-year, quarter-on-quarter is up.

Under the impact of SSD, the shipment of HDD has been declining. Before the 2011 Thailand flood, the DD hard disk market was almost at its peak. At that time, the shipment of EACH quarter was as high as 160-180 million hard disks, and the road has been declining all the way.

Shipments reached 67.6 million units in Q2, 19 million of which were large-capacity enterprise disks, up 8.8 million units from a year ago and 3.4 million units from the previous quarter.

These large capacity hard disks are not only used for data centers, many flow to Chia hard disk mining, because of the high capacity requirements, the participation of mining hard disk is generally 8TB, 16TB, 18TB is also very much.

As a result, despite the decline in HDD shipments, the total capacity of HDD shipments increased to 351.4 exabytes, up 45% from a year earlier and more than triple the level of a decade ago.

The average capacity of each hard disk is 5TB, but the average capacity of a consumer hard disk is only 2.33TB, and the average capacity of an enterprise hard disk is 12.8TB. Most of the capacity is reserved for enterprise and mining users.

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