Canon AR glasses S1 more details

Canon AR glasses S1 more details

Canon announced that its lightweight AR glasses MREAL S1 will be officially launched in late February and announced more product details, including: a field of view of about 45°x34°, a resolution of about 3200×1200, support for 120Hz refresh rate, equipped with Vicon positioning sensor, The head-display unit weighs only 137g, supports physical pupil distance adjustment from 55mm to 78mm, and so on. According to foreign media, the full set of AR solutions including S1 start at about 4 million yen (approximately RMB 248,900), including headsets, software, computers, and maintenance costs.

Canon AR glasses S1 more details
According to, compared with the MREAL MD-10, MD-20 and other AR headsets previously launched by Canon, the main features of the S1 are slim and compact (250% lighter than MD-20), higher resolution and refresh rate. , But the field of view is smaller than the previous two generations (MD-20 field of view is as high as 70°x40°). In addition, S1 continues the split design of the previous MREAL AR headset, and optimizes ergonomics through the clamshell design to make putting on and taking off more convenient. In addition to connecting the headband, the display unit of the S1 can also be fixed in a handheld shell and used alone.

In terms of details, the S1 is equipped with two stereo camera arrays, one for AR perspective and the other for 3D depth perception. Due to the split design, S1 also has certain requirements for supported computers. The official recommended configuration includes NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 graphics card. For computers, the threshold is still relatively high.

In terms of pricing, considering that the previous MD-10 price has been as high as 9 million yen, although the S1 full package starts at 4 million yen, it is not the most expensive for the MREAL series. Of course, the B-end headsets such as Microsoft HoloLens 2 (all-in-one, priced at 27,388 yuan) are still much more expensive.

In addition, from the promotional video released by Canon, S1 supports functions including gesture recognition, 3D spatial positioning, 3D AR display, etc., and application scenarios include medical care, industrial manufacturing, automotive, education, entertainment, fashion, etc. Currently, this product is only available for sale in Japan.

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