California Institute of Technology has developed a bipedal robot with a unique travel mode that can skateboard and walk rope

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According to foreign media CNET, Leonardo is a biped robot with a unique way of traveling. Leonardo is short for “LEgs ONboARD drOne”, but you can call it LEO for short. The LEO robot is the work of researchers at the California Institute of Technology. Part of their inspiration comes from how birds flap their wings while jumping and walking with their legs. The robot can perform tricky actions, such as rope walking and skateboarding.

California Institute of Technology researchers said in a statement Wednesday: “LEO is the first robot to use multi-articulated legs and propeller-based propellers to achieve fine control of its balance.” The university shared a video of LEO. Shows how it blurs the line between humanoid robots and drones.

The California Institute of Technology team published a paper on the robot in the journal Scientific Robots on Wednesday. The versatility of LEO means that it can call its walking skills, flying ability, or a combination of the two based on terrain and goals. The California Institute of Technology describes LEO as having an “incredible balance.”

After watching a video of Boston Dynamics researchers “harassing” their own robot works, you may wonder how LEO will respond. “Because of its propeller, you can use a lot of effort to poke or urge the LEO without actually knocking the robot down,” said Elena-Sorina Lupu, the co-author of the paper.

Researchers are already paying attention to how to upgrade the leg design to make LEO more energy-efficient to reduce reliance on propellers when walking. The team is also working to make it more autonomous so that it can evaluate its environment and decide how to best navigate.