Calf’s “year of life” enters 2.0 era

Calf's "year of life" enters 2.0 era

On the morning of April 7, calf electric held a conference in Changzhou today, which is also the first life-span of calf electric. In this press conference, in addition to the launch of new products, also launched two new series and electric scooter.


Calf electric was founded in 2014. The era of two-wheel electric lithium battery was developed by calf electric. At present, calf Electric has 2000 + stores in China, expanding to 46 countries or regions around the world. The official said that it has changed the riding habits of more than 1.8 million users, with a total journey of 20 circles around the earth.


In 2021, all-round electric vehicles entered 2.02021, and all series electric vehicles entered 2.0

In the original year of this year, calf entered the era of “2.0”. In terms of network 2.0, it is hoped to expand 1000+ Chinese stores this year. In power 2.0, the dynamic self-learning power 2.0 increases the endurance by 32% and the speed by 160 yards. The 7th generation of Ruidian improves the accuracy of battery power, and the official said that the same power life can be increased by 15%.


The first time the mobile phone screen is introduced to the central control of electric vehicles, the calf first introduces the mobile phone screen to the central control of electric vehicles

On big data driven intelligent 2.0, Niu inspire is the maverick travel analysis platform. It analyzes data from riding data, battery, storage and other aspects to create a better riding experience for users. At present, one-step start-stop near-field induction unlocking has been realized, 5g network module has been applied, and mobile phone screen has been introduced to the central control of electric vehicles for the first time.


First, MQI 2S supports one-step start and stop, including near field induction, cushion induction, battery bin anti-theft alarm, tire pressure 2.0; uqis uqi supports the 7th generation of calf power, AI power lithium battery system technology supports 25ah, intelligent RGB LED color display screen and integrated tail lamp; RQI Pro is a concept product of calf, officially landing today. This kind of electric motorcycle can reach 160 km / h, the official data of endurance can reach 100 + km, and it has automobile level can bus. But this electric motorcycle needs a driver’s license to go on the road.


Calf F0 calf F0

In addition, the new F-series model is launched, which is equipped with a new three body headlight with integrated full surround body, which supports 60 km of endurance. It can be started with one key of constant speed cruise, equipped with calf and power technology and F0 power version battery weight 8 kg, and the theoretical range is as high as 60 km. The urban battery only weighs 5.6 kg, and the theoretical range is 50 km. The ultra light low temperature lithium battery increases the range by 25% in low temperature environment. In addition, F2 has a 20Ah endurance of 70km, F4 battery has a 32ah speed of 50km / h, and a endurance of 100km +. F series is equipped with more expansion accessories, including 4 types of trunk, 2 types of storage basket, child safety seat and rear passenger seat, and more than 14 types of accessories.