Byte beat to take out

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In July 14th tiktok tiktok, a Tech team, launched a team for takeaway business recently and tested it in the App recently. At present, the takeaway business is called tiktok, Slogan is “takeaway, eat your favorite”.

According to sources, Tech’s tiktok said that the “takeaway” probably invited the catering businesses in the jitter to be settled, and the businesses could provide distribution services independently, and did not rule out a takeaway platform of the aggregated mode, and had to cooperate with the hungry or the US group to take away the business.

The analogy of industry figures is that the “tiktok” of the voice is like the “High German taxi” in the travel field, not participating in the actual takeaway business, but provides a takeaway service platform for all parties, and it will be used to kill the takeaway market by 42 ways.

In the inextricably involved field of American competition and starving, the jitter is a powerful tiktok for the takeaway trillions market.

Does SF also engage in “take out”?

It’s not just byte beating that’s causing the “crossover” mess.

As early as three months ago, on April 14, according to the data of tianyancha, Shenzhen Shunfeng intra city logistics Co., Ltd. changed its business scope and added delivery service. Information shows that Shenzhen Shunfeng intra city logistics Co., Ltd. was established in October 2018. Shareholder information shows that the company is wholly owned by Hangzhou Shunfeng City Industrial Co., Ltd.

According to Beijing business daily, for the new “take out delivery service” business project, the relevant person in charge of Shunfeng City explained that Shunfeng city has always been positioned as a third-party distribution service platform. If small and medium-sized b-end merchants have delivery needs such as take out, cakes and flowers, Shunfeng city will provide corresponding distribution services, so take out distribution services have always been available, But Shunfeng city will not be a C-terminal takeout platform.

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